GTE Sylvania or Zinsco panel?

House was built in 1978. Since I’m a new HI (longtime contractor), this is my first encounter with such a panel and could use some input from other experienced professionals.
I researched the Sylvania panel, but cannot find anything decisive on whether this is a Zinsco panel. I see nothing on it indicating it’s a Zinsco panel. I did not observe any problems with the Branch circuits.
What input do you have?

It is, without a doubt, a Zinsco panel…

Do a search in this electrical forum for Zinsco. If your questions don’t get answered I’ll comment more in this thread.

Thank you for your reply. I did the further search in the electrical forum as you suggested and got my questions answered.
I’m now more informed about how to identify the panel and describe the potential issues related to it.

The only thing good about this panel is copper main feeds