The “dreaded” Zinsco, located in a closet, complete with double taps, rats nest and a “nifty” outlet/extension cord! :shock:

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Was that in a mobile home, by chance?

There was darned little Zinsco installed in your (our) area, and much of it was “imported” in mobile homes.

Nope, It is stick built. I was surprised to see a Zinsco.

Zinsco service panel in 35 year old condo hi-rise building. Unable to inspect because it was painted shut big time. Even if I was able to inspect would you recommend an electrican check it out? The building has about 200+ units so I’m going to get the “we never had a problem before” crap I’m sure.


Interior panels such as these are usually in pretty good condition, however, the simple fact that I could not remove the panel cover is enough for me to defer the panel. With that, include a statement that the electrician should also verify the safety and integrity of a panel known to have inherent problems.

So I guess my answer is “yes.”

Question in regards to a panel that is “painted shut”…

What’s your feelings about packing a utility knife in your tool kit, to score the paint on the edge of the cover, so you can remove it?

I do not ever damage dry wall without seller’s permission. As I emphasized in my original post, it is not a case of a ‘light coating’ around the panel. I’ve been inspecting for 15 years and don’t need to be second guessed about my work.

Dude, don’t be so touchy. No one is second guessing you. My comment wasn’t a statement. Read it again, it’s just a question, meant for all. No judgements…


I apologize for the irrational response. I know you were trying to help. :wink:
I have gone from no work to overwhelmed with everybody wanting their report 5 minutes later. :twisted: I’m tired and totally stressed. You’ve always been very helpful. :cool:

I understand. No harm. I’m feeling the same way. It’s funny how you can go from praying the phone will ring, to hating the sound of it in just a few short days.
We’re cool :cool:

I do.

I do too. As a matter of fact, I did yesterday. :mrgreen: Maybe I shouldn’t have

The comment made me think that maybe some didn’t think it was a good idea. I’d like to hear their point of view.

I had a seller all over my a** for what he referred to as cutting a hole in is wall. I then made a decision never to remove/open anything that could not be easily done. Perhaps I’m overly concerned.

I simply tell them that the panels are required to remain accessible for inspection.

In most cases, I ask first - “I need to remove this cover, but it will require that the edges be scored to minimize damage to the paint/wall-covering. I have a razor-knife, would you like to do it, or shall I?”

Watch it there big guy!

I use to say the same thing, then I had an owner slice himself with my utility knife and wanted me to pay for the ER and 3 stitches.

Self inflicted is just that but if he wanted to be a real arse…I guess I would have had the chance to tell him to P-up-a-rope.

Now all they get is the sawzall :wink:

I’ll certainly keep that in mind, but I’ve never had anyone take me up on the offer yet. . .

I came upon a living room panel once where the drywll paper was ripped about 8" wide x 18" or 20" long toward the floor. The owner had stuck a long mirror over it and she was hot about it being ripped. Apparently, it had been recently inspected by others and she said the inspector cut the seam and dropped the dead front before he had fully separated the painted paper from the metal. Glad it wasn’t me. It was a big tall wall to match paint on. :shock: Live and learn.