Zinsco ? Dead front cover isn’t removable

This panel is had at least 3 different brand breakers and dead front cover was drywalled in place and I’m not comfortable sticking a screw driver behind it to pry it off. What do you guys think?

Disaster of a panel but calling it a Zinsco panel?

I use a razor to cut the wall caulk or mud around panels that are stuck. Often they come off easier than you might think once you start manipulating the cover.

Too many things inside that need to be seen not to try to remove it safely.


I usually do as well. This one was had copious amounts drywall compound as well as tons of caulk. Real professionally done you know.

Did finally get it off here is the inside.

with a panel like that i recommend seeking replacement costs estimates from a qualified electrician, There is no way I would call that a safe panel. Now if the electrician wants to say t is ok then it is no longer my problem…


I agree!!!


Thanks gentleman. Once I was able to finally remove the dead front cover I agree. Can’t 100 % confirm the brand of panel but definitely not a safe panel.

It looks like a Murray or Bryant panel. I did notice that there is no main disconnect and the ground & neutral conductors are on the same bus bar. That would make this panel a sub-panel if there is a main disconnect near the meter.

Yes correct the disconnect was present on the exterior wall adjacent to the meter. It had been updated, but the panel definitely wasn’t.

Theres nothing wrong with it!! Its been that way for 50 years, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Panel manufacturer is rather a mute point now. Multiple deficiencies or safety concerns. Time to kick this liability on over to the customer to get an electrician for further eval, corrections or replacement.

Panel is a Bryant, or Westinghouse, BR, more likely Westinghouse, needs a 4-wire feeder, & separate the grounding, & grounded, (neutrals), conductors, & lose the GE, Challenger, and SQ D breakers, they are not classified for BR panels, SQ D is not UL classified for any competitive panel, Eaton BR is the proper replacement. But the texture overspray should be called out as it is contamination, while a damp rag will remove it, there is no code sanctioned way to clean it up.

Funny thing about the title, it’s not a Zinsco, but I call them “Zinsco II”.