1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors course in Schaumburg, Illinois on November 18.


Quick question…

Towards the bottom of the web page it tells you that if you are a CMI you recieve 24 CE hours but if your not you only recieve 8 CE hours.???

How can you recieve 24 hours for only attending an 8 hour course? What am I missing.

Good question Dan,

I was looking at that myself…

I mentioned the NCT to the membership at the last Chapter meeting.
I told them they get NACHI Credit only not state Licensed CE credit.
Sounds like a great course especially with Paul Abernathy… Mr. NACHI

I guess Paul or NCT does not want to tell us :frowning:

I wonder why.

CMIs have shorter life spans. What seems like only 8 hours to us is the equivalent of three times that…or 24 hours…to them. Take it easy on your CMI since, chances are, he will have died of old age by the second cigarette break.:wink:

24 CE’s for CMI’s / 8 CE’s for all others
Continental Breakfast, Snacks, Beverages and Hot Buffett INCLUDED!