Illinois approved CE's at Chicago NACHI Feb 25, 2006.


How many NACHI hours for CE credit? Same as the state?

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Hi to all,

Will we have to give credit at the same rate that your state accepts, ie if state accepts it for 4 hours then so do we, I state accepts it for 4 hours but the class last 2, then same on the state and the provider.



Just to be clear, Garry.

The recently approved state Ce course in Illinois is for 6 hours (defined as 6, 50 minute periods) and will be taught as such. (probably more, with questions).

Do I understand you that NACHI will offer 6 NACHI CE hours as well? Is this a decision of the committee and/or the Officers of NACHI. Just asking for the publicity flyers. Hate to put something out and have it be wrong.

I was commenting on another course that was recently presented by ‘that other association’.


the Nachi education committee previously descided that state acceptance takes presidence, as it does in all other areas.

My point is that if the state accepts for 4 hours and the course lasts 2 then someone messed up

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Sorry Gerry;

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OK. State = NACHI CU. Keep it simple. Just wanted some clarity.

Hope this helps.

Moved to April 15th.


Is April 15th the definite date for this class to be held? I signed up thinking it was on February 25. I just want to be able to plan accordingly.


Please disregard Nick’s previous message untill you hear from NACHI Chicago Officers, like Russ Myers.


Okey-dokey - I will await that reply, Will.


The electrical course will still be going on, as posted and planned.

What Nick was referring to was not the electrical class, but his (Nick’s) attendance at our chapter meeting.

Everything is still as previously posted on the NACHI Chicago web site, here:

For those of you who have been having problems registering, please remember to register for the education class, and not the meeting registration.

Seeing as how the first offereing of this class filled up to fast, we will probably be offereing it again, soon (I would estimate sometime in March or early April) and possibly presenting it in other areas, like the north, west and south sides so everyone does not have to travel so far.

We are also working with Dave Jones, of the downstate chapter, to offer it down there as well.

Hope this helps;