ITI offers Certified Master Inspector Course.

Money, money, money…:smiley:

I was quick with that response…right Nick…:smiley:

So, no 2.5 years or 250 inspections anymore?


My understanding is that you first must be approved by NACHI before attending any program for the CMI Designation.

I may be wrong, but that is what was discussed. Those with more experience may be permitted to take the exam alone, those with less, still need the minimum required experience in inspections and years to be permitted the CMI Designation.

I am hoping that by the conference this will be explained in its entirety- there will be no question as to the regulations for same.

The post here says 53 hours @ $10.00 a credit hour and pass the tests.

This may be news to you, but the rules change without notice…frequently…for little or no reason (or at least none that you will be provided).

Welcome to NACHI, don’t bookmark that press release - it will be contradicted in 15 minutes or less.

How much money for a patch?

I still believe there will be a minimum approval before you attend a course. This will require a registration approval from NACHI.

That is my understanding and what is currently the situation.

See you all in 2 weeks!


I am not trying to contradict your statement regading what you and Nick discussed and I am sure that minimums were a part of the discussion.

What I am trying to convey is that minimums are not mentioned anywhere in the press release and Nick has added the opinion on other threads that he is for reducing or eliminating the time minimum.

My point is simply that the minimums appear to have been intentionally dropped. There are at least 3 points in the release where the information about minimum qualifications could easily have been inserted and in each instance it was omitted. In fact, at one point it states they are available to “all NACHI members in good standing”. No other qualifiers.

I think you may find the minimums have gone the way of Nick’s “100% support” for the “brilliant idea” of the GMCI in lieu of CMI.

FYI, Bill, I just tried and I can register on the site with nothing but a credit card and my ID number. Unless you are telling me that NACHI is reviewing the lists after the fact and refunding or cancelling some enrollments.


Did you pay the $3,030.00 for the courses and logo?

Hell, no! For that kind of money, I’ll just complete my Masters degree and let people try to figure the difference between a Certified Master Inspector and a Certified Masters-holding Inspector!!:smiley:

The notice should have said…“With out the endoresment of the Members of NACHI”.

Try this one then. :smiley:

Take this course and you will be able to explain why you didn’t take the first ones mentioned here.

Your clients will never be able to figure it out either,… if you’re good…:smiley:

I will be contacting them next week. They are actually a good school, who are gung-ho over teaching CMI. Bill is correct in that some things need ironing out. There are hours requirements, content requirement, and prerequesites.

Adding that in the press release announcing it is available to “all NACHI members in good standing” would be a good start.

It is misleading at best.


So I master in abnormal psych to better understand the inner workings of NACHI as revealed to the general membership?:smiley: