1-day Illinois State approved Electrical for Inspectors course in Chicago on March 3.


It may be important to note that “state approved” means that this course will apply toward the six CEUs a licensed Illinois inspector will need in a year.

Since NACHI requires four times that many every year, Illinois inspectors are of course able and encouraged to participate in all educational offerings of the association — even those not submitted to the state for CEU consideration.


That’s correct. But if i am going to pay 4-5 times what my local chapter charges, I think I want some state CE’s for my dollars.

NACHI CE’s are all good. But IL CE’s make sure I keep my license. I know which ones I am more concerned with.

If I was an inspector (I’m not currently), I would choose those courses which were NOT state approved for selfish reasons.

Very good point, Jim.

In Illinois, we must have state approved CE in order to keep out license. We are working to make sure that this required state CE is obtained, at a better quality and a lower price, than from other, non-NACHI sources. And, if the CE is obtained from NACHI, so much the better. And, if non-NACHI members also attend these course (paying a lower price than they usually would) the extra money goes to support and promote NACHI.

The last license, I obtained well in excess of 40 hours of NACHI credit per year (licneses run for two years), but I also obtained more than 50 hours of state CE, most of which was NACHI state approved CE.

The two are not, necessarily, exclusive.

That’s the point.

The number of hours the state of Illinois requires is fairly small, no?

Yes. Only 6 per year.

A NACHI member must still do 18 more hours to fulfill his membership obligation after filling the square for his license requirement. In order to meet both objectives, only 25% of his 24 CEUs need Illinois approval.

Is there a problem witrh getting more than 25% of your CE as state approved? Heck, just attending a NACHI meeting counts for NACHI CE, even if the meeting is nothing more than a drinking party (as has happened).

Not everyone wants to just do the bare minimum.

Besides, the state actually checks up on theri requirements. I don’t know that NACHI does.

how much will this seminar cost and will there be handout materials and tests provided, any hands on training too.

I can find no license from Illinois for this course. The number listed is for the course on “Electrical Checklists…” presented by NACHI Chicago and does not correspond with the outline for the course featured in this announcement.

Please review the Illinois Approval Process and ensure the course in question is properly represented. If this is the Checklist course use the correct overview.

And that is the NAME of the course being taught in Illinois…" Electrical Checklists "…has nothing to do with other states…only Illinois.

Not sure why people are getting their panties in a BUNCH over this…hell you will want to listen to what I say…versus looking at some freakin sheet of paper…

The course, the test and the info will be to states approved course…what EXTRA items i give on an educational basis to help BROADEN your knowledge will be simply a BONUS.

No time for hands on…hardly enough time as it is to cover the subjects in only 6-8 hours…I know…been their…Done That…

Will you please answer this question!

“how much will this seminar cost, and will there be handout materials and tests provided, any hands on training too.”


lol…funny Mr. Sparks wants to know…guess he will be in the area doing a seminar of his own…indeed stop by…would love to see you again old fella.

If you are looking for “hands on”, the best NACHI has to offer comes from Bob Borwn and Helen Jeffrey, from Canada. C.A.T.S., I believe, is the name of their school and they have a pull behind trailer set up with some great materials.

There will be hands on.

A couple of big panels and the trainging panel (which includes a service equipment panel, a sub-panel and many other raceways (conduit, AC, NMC, etc) and all this is live, for testing and instruction).

Not required for the course, but an ‘added attraction’.

Hope this helps;

Not to be disrupive, just asking a question:

If you live in New York, why are you asking about a seminar in Chicago?

(Additionally, why is a self descrbed ‘spammer’ on this board?)

lol…long story will…lol

If someone wants to compare the merits of on course over another how about a new topic. Seems certain peoples agenda to somehow try to discourage people from attending this one is inappropriate.

I would suggest that unless you took the course and found it unsatisfactory, take your efforts to campare it with others elsewhere.


I have no agenda…I am being DRAGGED through the MUD with FAKE online Imposters and people being worried so much about what i do…that they can’t worry about their OWN life.

I will do seminars…if people choose to come so be it…if they choose not to come…so be it…my LIFE rolls on…I am quite happy with my electrical contracting career…:slight_smile: