Illinois State Chapter News

The Illinois State Chapter has submitted still another course to the State of Illinois, for continuing education credit approval.


Course Name: Environmental Workshops for the Home Inspection Industry

Course Description:

This is a six hour, Continuing Education course for Home Inspectors to choose as an elective option.

The course is an interactive workshop, addressing a variety of known environmental hazards.

Each segment of the course will be presented in a classroom setting, using Power Point presentation methods, by members of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, and the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Each student will be provided booklets ( sample attached ) to retain for future reference.

At the end of the course, a 50 question exam will be given ( proctored ) to assure comprehension of the course materials.

Students successfully completing the exam with a score of 75% or better, will receive a Certificate of Completion.



Hi to all,

Very Nice work Russ, congrats



The added benefit to working with these Agencies is the promotion of NACHI and the NACHI logo now being used on all their materials.

Sounds like a good course but am I missing something here? What other courses has the Illinois State Chapter submitted for approval?

Is it the Chapter, itself, who is the educator, working under the NACHI moniker? I thought that NACHI is the educator, not the chapter, and hence NACHI (through Russ) actually submits the course.

Is this correct, Russ?

All courses submitted to the State via NACHI are done so using the NACHI Continuing Educational Providers License.

NACHI is required to maintain a State Educational Administrator. a person responsible for all NACHI educational activities within the State. Presently, that task falls on (me).

NACHI is not necessarily the educator, simply the provider, in the eyes of the State.

When this office ( I ) make reference , on this board, crediting someone other than NACHI, it is because a particular person, other than (myself), or group has put in a substantial amount of work, prior to submitting the course.

Case in point, ( I ) personally have worked with the educators ( the State Agencies ) for several weeks. Their materials, which had previously been rejected by the State when they applied on their own, has now been completely revised and rewritten to conform to State requirements, by ( me) ( I ) chose to say the State Chapter was responsible.

Also, when the course is presented, the State Chapter will receive the profits.

If, lets say, the Chicagoland Chapter, had done most of the footwork, ( I )then they would credit them accordingly, and that Chapter would retain all the profits.

It’s a fair and equitable system. It also serves to draw attention to that particular group, as we ( I ) try to avoid all the ( I and Me ) stuff. which is so prevelant on this Message Board

We also, of course, credit the educators / authors. When the course gets final approval, the license is forwarded to NACHI, by ( me ). NACHI ( Nick) then makes a major announcement crediting the educator / author. It’s a win, win situation.

You will very seldom ever see a related post attempting to draw attention to ( myself ). Another person or group, yes. Sorry, just not ( my ) style.

Further, addressing the previous message.

When this course gets promotion and mailings, provided by NACHI, the event will be promoted as a State Chapter Educational event. Not as ( Educators Name ) event.

If, Chicagoland, or say the Wisconsin State Chapter had done any of the footwork, then they would get the billing, and the profits.

ie: The Wisconsin State Chapter proudly presents the following Educational Program.

It takes a lot of effort, by a lot of people / groups, to provide just one event.

Everyone gets their credit in one way or another.

A few questions:

  1. Why do you state the “State Educational Administrator” is "responsible for all NACHI educational activities within the State?

We all know that this position was created with no authority but only to serve the needs of state chapters.

  1. On who’s authority do you rewrite previously rejected courses and then attribute the work to a chapter of your choosing (just happens to be your chapter)?

" Also, when the course is presented, the State Chapter will receive the profits."

  1. So let me get this straight. Party A writes and submits a course. It gets rejected for some reason. The State Administrator rewrites it to conform and then hands the credit and future profits to his own chapter?

I’m sorry Russ, you have more conflicts of interest going on here than one can shake a stick at. Additionally it appears you are writing and operating what you call “a fair and equitable system” from NACHI positions that grant you no such authority.

If you think that, using your “Administrator” position to take a rejected course, rewrite it and grant credit and profits to a chapter of your choosing, is not a huge conflict of interest , you’ve got to be smoking something wacky.

Do you just make this stuff up as you go along? You refer to “credit” like it is somehow your place to divy it up. I think you just don’t have that authority. Please use some other state as an example of your delusions, thank you. I’m sure glad I’m not in Illinois.

Your response…didn’t expect anything less from you.


Thanks to the hard work of Russell and others, almost every course developed by the chapter since it’s inception has been approved by the state for continuing education credit. When the Illinois NACHI chapter opened here I thought it was going to be joke. Now you can hardly find a seat.

Erol Kartal
Pro Inspect

And this coming form the guy who told me that a certain person would give his course in Wisconsin “over my dead body”.

It didn’t come as much of a surprise to me that you are trampling all over so many boundaries in Illinois, either. I’m glad you mentioned your supposed policies. It’s good for others to see what you are doing.

I also noticed that this (so-called) Illinois state chapter has 2 directors and you list youself as an offer with the Illinois State Administrator title. The state administrator is a NACHI volunteer position, not an office of a chapter.

It’s plain as day that you deliberately don’t list yourself as “President” to avoid appearance of conflict, given how you have managed to give yourself authority over activities that would involve other chapters.

Also being the volunteer Wisconsin NACHI State Educational Administrator I understand that the position has no real authority. I pretty much exclusively use the position to intercede for inspectors who are having trouble getting written verification of attendance to classes and seminars that includes what the state requires for CE credit. I am available to any chapter or inspector that needs something.

I understand that due to the Illinois requirements for courses, NACHI needs somebody on the ground to do the actual submitting of courses. Being the Educational Administrator makes that a good fit.

Having formed a State Chapter here in Wisconsin, I am clear that it does not supercede any other chapters, nor do I have any authority over those chapters and cannot prevent anyone from forming one of their own.

What doesn’t fit is that you seem to have parlayed that simple service, to NACHI and those wanting to get a course approved, into some kind of seat of authority, deciding who gets credit for what, and who gets proceeds for events where approved courses are presented.

Having formed a State Chapter here in Wisconsin, I am clear that it does not supercede any other chapters, nor do I have any authority over those chapters and cannot prevent anyone from forming one of their own.

I am sure that in your own mind, you are doing what you think is best for NACHI in Illinois. Unfortunately it is pretty clear that your thinking is clouded by your own personal resentments.

I have enough personal knowledge of the truth to this just based on the content of our phone conversations when we started our chapter. Since we hardly knew each at the time I took great offense to your efforts to run down and malign an office of another chapter and your effort to use your position as Educational Committee chairperson to try to dictate what will and will not go on in our state by way of education.

Combining your newly self acquired authority in the position of “administrator” with your newly created state chapter, is such an obvious political ploy to gain some type of control over a chapter in which you are no longer president.

I can’t do anything about what you are up to in Illinois, but I sure hope someone gets a good look into what is really going on there and straightens you out. You have plenty to offer without overstepping your authority.


I’m confused. When the Illinois Chapter opened where? You can hardly find a seat where? I think you have the Illinois Chapter confused with the Chicago Chapter. Until now I am only aware of courses that were submitted by the Chicago Chapter.


A brief explanation.

When NACHI was first investigating the possibility of establishing a presence in Illinois, many decisions had to be made to choose the right person for the job, knowing the rules and regulations of the State of Illinois, placed a lot of power in the hands of a single person.

I was contacted by NACHI and asked if I would be interested.

Mr. Nick Gromicko, Mr. John Bowman, Mr. Blaine Wiley, Mr. Paul Sabados, and Mr. Joe Farsetta, all the authorities of NACHI, at that time, agreed to the terms.

Those terms being, a free lifetime membership in NACHI, free membership in NACHI’s CMI program, and total responsibility for all NACHI activities in the State of Illinois. Payment for my services ( similiar to those of the Educators) would be that amount of revenue remaining after immediate expenses.

An added, unexpected, responsibily is the advertising. As all Pay Pal monies are directed to my personal account, I am also therefore charged with providing an advertising allowances for all Illinois Chapters. This allowance of couse being limited to insure payment for my services.

As the NACHI, State of Illinois Educational Administrator, I have a responsibility to NACHI, the State of Illinois members, and myself.

If I am not successful in my efforts, everyone loses, including me.

Due to the way the State of Illinois is set up, yes, I am NACHI in the State of Illinois, commonly reffered to as the “Illinois Godfather”

This program has been quite successful in our State, and in Florida, consequently, NACHI is exploring the idea for use in other States.

The “Rewards Without Risk” program, which was recently announced, is but the first phase of instituting the program.

Hopes this helps.

Mr. Myers,

Am I reading your post correctly that the profit that your chapter makes goes into your personal account?

All paypal monies go into your personal account?

All Illinois educational funds after expenses go to you?

You are “NACHI in the State of Illinois”?

It sounds entirely fitting that you would use the term “Godfather” cause it sounds about as unethical and crooked as it could be. (I was thinking more Stalin or Hitler would be a better fit). What a racket.

I swear you gotta be smoking, drinking or sniffing to think that all the “profit” of educational events are supposed to go into you pocket for services rendered.

You are out of your frickin mind. If an agreement such as this even exists it needs to be canceled, now! NACHI can find volunteers to do this just like everywhere else.

The good ol’ boys’ club takes care of their pals, David. Better email Bowman or Wiley for the real scoop.

I think he is telling the truth as to his legitimate claim to money…but…I think that a NACHI funded chapter violates NACHI’s charter.

P.S The State Administrators job in Illinois is that of a pencil pusher, paper passer and go between. It is amazing how you have transformed into some sort of self serving empire.

I sure hope that NACHI and Illinois NACHI members wise up and have a little revolution. I’m betting there would be a few volunteers that would be willing to take it on without absconding with all the money.

I don’t know about that but I read the Chicago Chapter Charter and such a deal like that sure looks like a violation of the Charter NACHI granted the Chicago chapter.

Do you think for one minute the members of the Chicago chapter are going to like hearing that the money they collect for every state approved course is supposed to go into Russ Meyers pocket?