1 Year anniversary !!!

I was just filing my inspection of today’s New Construction Centex home and realized it’s my 1 year anniversary today…:mrgreen:

… of mailing a Printed Report!!!

That’s right, it’s been a year ago today that I last physically mailed a report to a client…

Thank to Chris and FetchReport (and of course Russell at HG and the Realtors who know how to work with those Internet challenged few left out there) I’ve been Completely Computerized for a year…\:D/

Great job, congratulations, and keep on keeping on!



There was a Poll I remember not long ago (may have to look for it) about using computerized reports and delivering on-site reports etc…

Just to share my ‘evolution’…

I spent 3 plus years doing ‘checklist’ type reports then made the leap to Homegauge about 3.5 years ago. Still had the occasional CD to burn or ‘full report’ to print off and mail; but in the last YEAR all I’ve done is email the ‘full report’, ‘summary report’ pdfs and the zip of the verbal report pictures, then attach and upload the ‘full report’ to FetchReport (for the last couple of months)

Can I pay my dues in advance??? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thanks Chris, Nick and all you guys (and gals) for your help… (you know who you are :smiley: )

Nice going there Mike.
Keep on Trucking.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

The only one I ever printed was close to three years ago.
My first and last.