One Year In

Well I am officially at the 1 year mark, I have done 71 inspections. Its been tough to say the least, but I shall stay the course!

Grest ! Keep up the good work.

Way to go, not too shabby at all for your 1st year!

Thanks guys, that is strictly HI’s and does not include Radon tests, thermal, single system, and various other periphery services.

Hang in there Jason. One year is a big milestone.

Jason, this is where many inspectors throw in the towel. My advice is to set your alarm clock every night as if you had an early inspection job to do (whether you do or you don’t), get up, and go to work. If you aren’t inspecting, you should be working on building your business. You need to get up to 300 inspections a year quickly. Then the financial pressure will come off your back. You’ll be healthier physically and mentally too and can then really take it to the next level.

You are in a good market to achieve fantastic success. If you want to call me 24/7… here is my cell: 720 272 8578.

Very good advice.
You are your worst employee. So! Drive him hard.

It’s a critical point. It’s where most inspectors give up. Call me if there is anything I can do to help Jason or if you want to bounce anything off me.

I will Nick thanks man!

Email me your shipping address. I’ll send you a pile of these: (approved in TN).

Nick just rocks

First year is rough, but 71 inspections is a VERY respectable start. Stick with it

Hang tough, Jason! That’s really good for your first year. I think that’s close to where I was my first year as well.

Just remember that there are slow periods (usually Christmas time, and again in June around here, so you have to save back for them.

Take advantage of all Nick and NACHI have to offer, and keep learning!

If you want your business to work, you have to work your business.

You are at your one year milestone also. Congratulations!!! :roll:;-):roll::wink:

Oh, I guess I am. I just started actively marketing around February of this year.

What is the real estate market like out there? Are homes selling?

Over here homes in the $200-450K range don’t last more than a few days. And most often they are getting multiple offers at above the asking price.

The problem is that there are too few homes on the market. It has been very common for a home to get 10-20 offers. That means only one family will get the home and everyone else keeps looking. One realtor I know posted on facebook last night that his clients and he have a viewing appointment at a home today at 11 AM. There were 17 buyers scheduled for that same hour.

So fewer homes are getting sold. Last month I did about 2/3’s the volume of what I did the same month last year.

I have no idea. I’m still just marketing open houses when I can. I’m getting a few calls off of Yelp and my website.

Have you started converting them to inspections?

One from my website was for a thermal imaging consultation. That one worked out nicely. Yesterday a guy called off Yelp about mold testing. He lives in a condo and the neighbor had a leaky pipe. He said there were mushrooms growing in the carpet. I referred him to a remediation contractor I know.