1 yr builders warranty

Hi fellow inspector,

I will do first my first builders warranty inspection. I need to know base on your guys experience, what i should look for?



Opinions will vary. This is strictly my personal opinion. Do your normal home inspection. Any defect that you find, try to relate it to a specific code. This really helps in keeping down the phone call. (Because I know I am going to get a ration of caca) I respect those who avoid the code, but I still believe it is good to have a basis for your opinion. Oh, don’t ignore manufacturers’ specifications either.

we perform 1 year inspections all the time, and basically follow the same guidelines with the exception of code(The State of NC doesnt like us dealing in code)
To me, it is just another inspection like any other. Good luck!


As a builder, I call on my clients who’s homes are at the end of their warranty so I can take care of issues that may have occured during the homes first year.
The most common issues I have found are/were;
Nail pops in sheetrock due to shrinkage.(since I started use screws this problem no longer occurs).

Doors that won’t operate properly and need minor adjustments.(during the building process conditions can be extreme.A dry environment is created by use of heat cannons.A very humid environment can be created when painting,greatly effecting the doors).

Door knobs(especially on steel doors) may need to be tightened.As well as cabinet hardware and drawer tracks.

Carpets may need to be restretched.

Plumbing fixtures may have become loose.Always good to check.

I’ve personally not had foundation issues but,as with any inspection, check for questionable cracks,evidence of leakage,unusual settleing ,etc.

And of course conduct your inspection as you would with any home.


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