Inspecting again for 1 year builder warranty?

A past client emailed me and wanted to know if it is a good idea to get another inspection before the 1 year builder warranty walk thru. And asked if I would do another inspection. Would you do it? Does this open me up for liability if I find something new? What would you charge, same price or discount?

I would love to hear your opinions and experiences with this.

I get these all the time. Big business for word of mouth refferal. Do it. Look at your report of the property you did a year ago. Do the inspection like you would any other. If there is something you missed the first time, better to catch it now, than three years from now and inside of a court room. Do your best. Protect your client.

Warranty inspections are good money in my opinion…I normally would charge the same…maybe offer a $25 discount or whatever you are comfortable with.

we perform 1 year inspections quite frwquently. If the client used us for the original inspection we give a 10% discount. If we did the original, there is no need to do a 2nd set of informational pages, only a summary.