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Hello everyone,

I have a question about E&O / General Liability insurance.

Looking for a company that will get internachi members a discount and will cover radon, WDO, sewer scopes and water testing.

Let me know who you would recommend for an all in one plan.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Bryan, You may get a better answer, if you tell us where you’re located. Update your profile, so you’ll get the best answer.

Thanks for the heads up. I will update my profile this weekend. Until then I am from Washington state.



Thanks for the link Nick, I’m in Canada and doubt i’ll be lucky enough to have it available here too… Fingers crossed.

Hi Bryan,

Isaac Peck here from OREP insurance. We have a program that covers you for all of that.

General Liability, Radon, Termite/WDI/WDO, Lead Paint, Pool & Spa, EIFS/Stucco, Indoor Air Quality Testing, Green Building Inspections, Infrared Thermography, Rodent inspections, and more are included free.

Minimum premiums start at $1,250 for $100K/$300K.

Feel free to give us a call at 888-347-5273 if you have any questions.

Besides OREP there is also Inspector Pro available in Canada and HUB. Right now HUB appears to be fairly expensive and limited for the lower amounts of coverage. From looking at Isaac’s post above their rates are very comparable to Inspector Pro who I am with.