10 FREE home inspection business makeovers.

I’d love to try this again, now knowing what I know. We could do a comparison of the befores and afters.
Please let me know what you think.

I would love the insight, advice and services you are offering. I am begining my second year of inspections and if I have another winter like I am having right now, my wife is gonna divorce me and I’ll be back working for the man! If you need anything please let me know!

Best regards,

Never too old to learn! Is there room for yet another Canadian?

I could use all the help I can get. My company has not taken off like I had hoped. When do we start??

**I need to get the WOW **- I pass and send out broshures, have listings in yellow pages, have big advertising on my van, send in realitors name to the NACHI email listing. But my phone only rings occationally. My goal this year is to do at least 4 inspections a week - I would love to do two a day.

MLS says that about 10,000 houses sold in my coverage area last year - the business is here - I want my share.

I too would love the opportunity to have a business make-over.
I feel that it would not only benefit myself but also help boost NACHI in my local area where there are a lot of ashi inspectors. I do all of my own marketing and would love some help from NACHI.
Thanks for offering this to our members, this is what makes NACHI the best. We all help each other stand out from the rest.:nachi:

Need help!
I would love to have a makeover! Been at it just over a year now and slowing going broke. I live in a mountain area with lots of big, expansive homes and want to get some of those. :slight_smile:

Nick, always interested in bettering the home inspections industry. I think if giving the opportunity to have someone with more business knowledge than myself helping NEW BEGINNINGS HOME INSPECTION, not only would help my business, but would also help the home inspection field.


I would be interested also in the great offer!

Well if there is still space available, I would like to be considered for the opertunity


Thank you Nick for giving 10 lucky members a chance of a lifetime to be given this chance is beyond words. I know I’m doing things that could be done better.
Mahalo for the opportunity;)

[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Thanks for the opportunity to NACHI members. Just like NACHI and Nick to make such a great opportunity available. I would be thrilled to be chosen, especially since I am spending the month of January while out of work at my ‘other’ job, trying to find some real marketing solutions to get my inspection/environmental testing business really going. This could be an answer to prayer. But I know there are a lot of people in my shoes, so may all who are chosen reap the rewards and let the rest of NACHI know how it goes.

Kevin Edwards, CHI, CMI
Heritage Home Inspection

I may be a little late in responding. But I’ve been struggling to get my business off the ground for some time. Once you make money on a regular basis, you don’t mind spending some of it to invest back into your own business.

Thank you for the opportunity!

Anytime is a good time for a makeover.

Wow factor times 2. This is a great opportunity for the winners.

Please count me in.

It is great to see that several members/leaders from the Ohio State Chapter are getting involved
***Go Ohio State NACHI ***


I think it is a win, win opportunity. I would like to see want a professional could due for my business. I have done everything myself a professional would help tremendously. It would not only benefit myself but also help boost NACHI in my local area. I would like to think Integrated Business Solutions & NACHI for this opportunity.

After 3 months which produced 3 Home Inspections,I am wondering what to do next.Getting some draw and insurance inspections but I need more work.NACHI has been the best move so far and I am looking forward to the convention. PLEASE Consider me for a makeover. You won’t regret it.

While you wait to see if you make the top “10”, I would suggest that you spend some time reading through the archives of the marketing forum here. A lot of Q and A and valuable advise can be found there.

This sounds like a great opportunity for 10 luck individuals. I sure would like to be one of them. Who couldn’t use a makeover like this? Good luck to all.
Wes Hartman
Hartman Home Inspections LLC

Does anyone know who’s the 10 members that won the business make over