FREE Website Analysis, win a FREE Website Redesign!

After analyzing several sites in the last 24 hours, I have decided to start a FREE web analysis service for NACHI member’s Websites from Inspection Depot. We will analyze the homepage of any site submitted. I will also be starting something I’d like to call Extreme Makeover: Web Edition. Wendy is the first recipient of this makeover, her Website is in dire need of a redesign. I’ll do this quarterly, so start submitting your sites now. The next makeover will be given in January which will start off the first quarter. From then on, every 3 months I’ll get with the design team here and we’ll select the NACHI member most in need of a redesign. Email your submissions to, I’ll announce the winner each quarter on the message board and they’ll have 24-hours to respond and accept the makeover.


Do you have a web site Catherine?

Thank you Catherine. :slight_smile: I appreciate the help. Your efforts will not go to waste. I really appreciate the feedback. (even though I thought I had some of the points you mentioned sniffle :wink:
Seriously, I really appreciate you picking up where IBS WOW? dropped the ball. :slight_smile:

Take care!

Thanks for the opportunity Catherine, my entry is in the email…

Check your email. Your site analysis is there and your company has been entered into the drawing for the January makeover.


Thanks for looking mine over Catherine…I guess I did okay…not bad for writing it in one morning…before I even knew much about home inspections eh?

I plan to update and start working on the site this winter…historically slow for me…

I appreciate the feedback…I hope mine hasn’t been entered for the January makeover :wink: