"10 Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection" online video course

This thread is dedicated exclusively for those students currently enrolled in the InterNACHI online video course titled, “10 Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection.”

After successful completion of this training video, the student will be able to:

  • performing an inspection of a residential roof system;
  • verify the installation of the roof covering and underlayment follows common building practices or the general recommendations of most roof covering manufacturers; and
  • confirm that the installation of the roof covering is such that water intrusion will be prevented.

And, in keeping with InterNACHI’s commitment to Continuing Education, this course is open and free to all members, and can be taken again and again, without limit.

Students are free to pose questions and comments here and join in the conversation with other students. The thread will be monitored by the course instructor.

Contact: Director of Education, Ben Gromicko ben@internachi.org

Other inspector training courses: www.nachi.org/education.

Thank you.

Thanks for sharing this site that include ten tips I was just worried to choose course before study that blog.

Whoa! Some extended jams by “B&Z Music Shoppe Garage Band”. Far out.

Where`s the video for inspecting roofs?

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these tips are really helpfull in choosing the course thanks a lot

Thanks in advance for yet another course

Last step for Roof Data Tech.

Thanks Ben ! Just new to forum and gone though course documentation. Would like to see video too as mentioned but able to find the links . Plz update


Last Step to become a paid ROOF DATA TECHNICIAN

Getting started.

Starting the “10 Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection” course, passed the How to a few minutes ago…

Completed. However, I see that this was Part One and I am wondering where Part Two is located so I can take that course as well?

I just started course, thanks.

Thank’s Ben the course was very informative.

These courses are great, I am learning a lot.

Starting the course now. Thanks for all the courses.

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Hi Everyone,
I am currently taking the Safe Practices for the Home Inspector Course. I know this thread is dedicated to Roof Inspection but cannot find a thread on Safe Practices. Part of the course is to write a short essay on safe practices so here it is:

The first thing to do after assessing the roof should be safe to walk is properly set up the extension ladder to be used. After assuring the ladder is correctly set up and warning sign has been posted to stay off ladder and roof I would recommend stopping before stepping onto the roof. It will be much easier to spot possible hazards such as week sheathing or loose materials that could cause injury that cannot be seen from the ground. While walking the roof one must be continuously alert for dangers not only from site but feel (such as spongy surfaces) and not stop alertness until ladder is safely removed.

here we go for another coarse

I really learn a lot from the videos. Thanks !