100/200% Guarantee?

I’ve search quit a few websites to see how many of us offer 100% or 200% guarantee and found not many do or it’s not on their website. Does it really help get inspections or just a gimmick.

the more gimmicks the better.:stuck_out_tongue:

Wait a minute. I lost my mind for a second.:wink:

There are already too many 200% guarantees out there so to separate myself from the pack I offer 1000% guarantees! :wink:

I like the “no need to offer guarantees or warranties, we are confident you’ll be 100% satisfied with your inspection”.

I agree. Why plant the seed of doubt and recourse?

I would say that a “100% Guarantee” is way better in terms of marketing than a 200% Guarantee. “100%” is a good marketing term as is “Guarantee.”

I wouldn’t use 200% or warranty (negative connotations).

You sure did Mike!
Watch out with that G word. :wink:

It’s mostly used as a gimmick and no different than the “Tail Light Guarantee” where it is only valid until you can’t see their tail lights when they leave the inspection. I have seen so very few people offer a true 100% / 200% guarantee where the guarantee has no time limit on it AND they place that guarantee in their written contract AND they don’t place ridiculous requirements for the client to collect it.

Anyone offering a guarantee is fool. They must not know what they are doing and I would bet they don’t do very many inspections. It just screams gimmick and incompetence and no one would ever call them…

Time for you to up the ante Mr.gimmick king

It wasn’t me poking the bear this time. :wink:

Does he offer that fool 200% thing.

I think he wants everyone to click on his links to find out. :wink:

I have saved everyone the trouble.:stuck_out_tongue:

Screen shot time.


Did I say anything negative? No.

If you are going to offer a 200% Guarantee (which makes people start doing math and asking how the heck something can be 200%)… don’t. Just offer a 100% Guarantee.

The phrase “100% Guarantee” is much better in terms of marketing than 200% or warranty.

I’m getting corrective eye surgery in a couple weeks and I’ve learned a lot about guarantees in the process. The surgeon guarantees exactly nothing other than her very best efforts.

No good attorney will ever guarantee victory at trial. No good CPA will ever guarantee you will never be audited. Appraisers can’t take guarantee that a home will sell at the price they conclude. No good home inspector should ever guarantee anything other than his very best efforts.

Now, in my pre inspection speech, I tell my clients that I can’t guarantee that I will find every defect in their new home but that I will spend the majority of my time there on the most exspensive systems and that I will give them my very best efforts. I give them the surgeon, attorney, and CPA example. They like it and respect that more than some bs used car salesy guarantee. I then tell them that I cannot eliminate all the risks associated with home ownership but I can help reduce it…

Guarantees just set you up to be a mark.

I think as this industry matures, guarantees will be viewed as an embarrassing blemish of the past.

Guarantees aren’t going away. Your eye doctor aside… if someone guarantees their work, they have my business.

People don’t like risk and so love guarantees. That’s why you know so much about your eye doctor being unable to give you a guarantee… you asked him if he offered one. Right?

Nick is 100% right … Go with 100%.

I’ve used a 100% Guarantee for 18 years AND its a GIMMICK. My self protection / lower me liability Gimmick. Here it is …

Whats my GIMMICK … If I got a whiny baby that has totally unrealistic expectations OR demands and I CAN NOT make them happy satisfied campers BEFORE they get the report, etc … I happily cut them loose, DO NOT charge a dime and GET THEM GONE (with no report) and LET them become someone else’s headache…

I think someday I’ll go with offering a 500% guarantee. Subject to certain restrictions.

It’s a nice number. :slight_smile:

And if they’re still not satisfied, well, I might just buy the whole damn house back. :stuck_out_tongue: