100 day inspection coverage

I have been offering the inspection coverage and my clients like it. I promote it with every inquiry and I get a 95% call back from price checkers and I know I am not the cheapest (only the best if I say so my self). But people like the assurance I will stand behind my inspection.

I always tell my clients that the inspection is a picture in time at this moment and like buying a used car it may run great today but in a week some thing could happen. I want the client to know I do care about them and the inspection I am performing for them.

Well I edited the 100 day coverage flyer and I am planning on sending it to all the realty offices, banks and where else to help market it, and I suppose I am just looking for some constructive criticism.

Are you offering it for free?

Free with my inspection. I provide it with every residential inspection I do

Hope nothing fails in the first 100 days my friend. :slight_smile:

I need to make a change. Here is the revised copy

IMO save your hard earned $$$ just my 2 cents

Ditto read the fine print, do your home work!

(" Tri-State Home Inspections is licensed and insured in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin Licensed Lead
[FONT=Arial,Arial][size=3]If you experience a problem with your home after you move in, contact Tri-State Home Inspections.[/size][/FONT]
**[size=3][FONT=Arial,Arial]We can help. **[/size][/FONT]")
What do you do and how can you help??? Roy
saying your insured looks to me like you have a Bulls eye in the middle of your back …

What fine print are you referring too Brian?:slight_smile:

Since you are not allowed to perform the work yourself (for pay) on any home that you inspect … how, exactly, do you “help”? Do you do that for free, too? If so, this is something that I hope you will encourage all of my competitors to participate in.

I love when my competition advertises false and misleading information… it does wonders to kill their reputations, with only a little “nudge” from me. :mrgreen:

LeRoy, in my honest opinion you should do a few things right now. 1st pray that you have not already been raked over the coals in court. 2nd Figur out a completely new biz/marketting angle beforew it is to late. Now if you cannot complete both of those tasks, well #3 is welcome to McDonalds, would you like fries with that ?


Well The comments give me something to think about. I have used this coverage for 2 years and never had a problem. I have spent close to $3200 on this coverage, I am really hoping I am not wasting my money.

What problems have others had. (I am not talking about a friends brother in law heard of this guy who). I want personal experience first hand so I can make a educated decision if this coverage is worth the money I spend on it. This may be hard on this discussion board I realize but if you have 1st hand experience let me know.

The idea of offering a client a piece of mind from the sh## happens attitude that many people stand behind; makes this sound like a good idea. I do stand behind my reports 100% and have gone head to head several times over them and yes I win, I document everything and take a lot of pictures (100-150) of everything and give a true unbiased report.

What are you saying when you say you “stand behind” your report? What is it that you do? What is it you are paying for that cost you $3200?

I have spent $3200 on the 100 day inspection coverage in the last 2 years.

The biggest purpose of having this coverage is like this example. The furnace is a natural gas 60,000 BTU, 2 stage with a variable speed Trane(brand) installed in 2007.

The day I am there it is running in top performance:
burners are clean
cabinet is clean in good condition
blower working correct.
CO reading is 13ppm
No CO from the heat exchanger.
I conclude gas pressure is set correct the heat exchanger has no cracks. I report the furnace is in good condition, I suggest having it cleaned and tuned every 2 years.

2 months later the control board goes out at thanksgiving dinner, the home owner has the local HVAC guy install a new one for the low price of only $250.

I want them to call me and I will have the inspection coverage reimburse them this cost.


It takes 10 positive comments to cancel out **1 **negative.

The best advertising is the word of mouth, it will make you or break you in this business.


I use the word “Today” frequently in reports, it works well.

“The 2007 Trane natural gas furnace located in the attic was functioning today.”

Then I don’t need Insurance, because I cannot predict the future, people understand this.

I agree with Dale, to many Never get them serviced even after you say it needs it,
Storm goes through poof Power surge and so on.

Since you are not performing a home inspection, you should not have any competition at all in what you are doing.

By performing a service call and guaranteeing the performance of the HVAC unit, you are simply providing a warranty for your service call. I think all HVAC techs do the same thing. Nothing special about that.

Calling it an “inspection” is a unique gimmick and you are probably getting a few more bucks than the typical HVAC tech gets for a service call by calling it an “inspection” instead. That part is different.

When the roof leaks and it’s a $5,000 fix, do you “stand behind” that, too?

From a marketing standpoint, I think you need to explain in your flyer that it is being provided for free. Otherwise, your potential client may assume that you simply offer this for sale.

If you give something (anything) away for free with your inspections… you should make it clear in your advertisements that it is provided at no additional cost.

Never be ambiguous about the cost of something, if it is free.