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Just something that I stumbled on that I found to be interesting

It is interesting that you find this interesting, seeing as how it was just as interesting on an interesting sister thread in this very forum, posted (interestingly enough) about an hour ago.

The vendor will still need to respond to any questions in the new vendor section, when it arrives, of course.

Interesting, indeed…

This portion of this interesting post is, perhaps, the MOST interesting:

So, who actually guarantees the report? It seems as if the Inspector does, based on the first portion of the first sentence. What does “full faith and credit” mean? Is it a legal term? Where is it used? Finally, when does ISG become the guarantor? What if the inspector does not want to honor the guarantee? Does ISG automatically step in? Does ISG have the right to subrogate or collect poutlayed $$ from the inspector after a payment is made?

I am curious to know about this, as I have no knowledge of RWS, ISG, NAte, or any of his finances, business dealings, nor business practices.

If they DO step up as they say, do they do so with the 200% guarantee as well?

What is the issue?

Nathan Thornberry … a vendor who was recently ruled to be in violation of multiple ethic rules … is using the back door to your recent restrictions on vendors who have been using your message board to spam their gimmicks.

Thanks for sharing one of our USP’s. :lol:

Of course Square-One Inspection Service, LLC (Tampa Bay’s best inspector) has had this on their home page for over 10 years and never once had anyone ask for a refund, ever.

Exactly. Good inspectors guarantee satisfaction. Shoot, all good companies should guarantee satisfaction. Why would a third party guarantee satisfaction??

Anyone can put that on their inspection website… I don’t see any issue here.

There are no issues, really. Only opportunities for improvement, and where necessary, clarifications.

This is especially timely as I have no knowledge of RWS, ISG, or Nate’s business model, finances, nor business practices. As such, knowledge becomes power to do things more effectively and in the long run… better.

I don’t see an issue. I am just curious why a third party would guarantee satisfaction?

Are inspectors who don’t offer a full refund… inferior? :wink:

Full faith and credit is an unconditional committment to pay debt, including principal and interest.

Nice job.

BTW… what is an inspection company?

In my opinion NO, in fact there is no correlation between the quality of an inspector and whether he wants to offer a money back guarantee or not.


There may be no difference, but is there a PERCEIVED difference to the potential client?

I can see a client asking, do you give a100% money back guarantee if I am not satisfied and the person who says no, I think is at a disadvantage and the person who says yes is at an advantage.

Better or not, it is not how YOU perceive it, it is how the CLIENT perceives it.

Hey I’m not arguing 1 bit, I think it is a great Idea, and I know clients do as well, I’ve been doing it for many years. I would offer money back guarantees 30 years ago in my Contracting businesses, then again I my web hosting businesses, again in my Pay Per Click advertising businesses. I always have offered customer satisfaction guarantees, nothing new to me. Great usp.


Is it not enough that Nate spams the board and spams my email. Does he really need inspectors to shill for him too?

Put him on ignore.

Both of them.


Advertising gimmicks work. THE MASSES ARE ASSES no truer words have ever been typed.

According to, might be the least visited site on the entire internet… so it really doesn’t matter what it says.

It’s the thought that counts. :wink: Nice way to repay you for your generosity to him, isn’t it? Futile and worthless … like all of his gimmicks are … he still chooses to compete with your referral network and using your message board to do it with. What a guy.

If someone asked if I give a full refund if they are not completely satisfied, my response would be, “I don’t need to, I’m certain my inspection isn’t lacking anything.” :slight_smile:

It’s a gimmick that only a jerk would actually try to redeem from their inspector. “I was only 99% satisfied, so I want my full refund”. These are the same people who would throw frivolous lawsuits around and they are the reason we put limits of liability clauses in our contract. Incidentally, the 100% guarantee and the limit of liability are just the same animal with different colored fur. One just makes the inspector look prettier.