Service 100 or 60 AMP??

Service enters into small service panel and feeds through generator switch and is 100amp and in house panel is only 60amp. what’s the service rated? (I assume the smaller but 100amp breaker feeds this panel). Any suggestions?


As Jeff said.

Also what tells you the house panel is only 60 amps when it says Main Disconnect**(S)**?

That panel is a split bus.

My thoughts, too. :slight_smile:

Now I’m curious… did you open the “house” panel? Was it wired as a sub-panel? Got pics of inside all panels/boxes?

I agree, there could be problems. For one the Square 100 amp CB is the service disconnect and I do not see a GEC connection to it. They could have eliminated the SQ D enclosure altogether if they used a service rated transfer switch.

That’s why I had some questions. Just because a label is on the panel doesn’t mean it’s rated for 100amp. The 100AMP circuit feeds through the gennie switch and then onto the older panel mains connection. The 60 amp “Main” in the old panel is wired like a breaker. The neutral is definitely NOT floating but I’m also not positive that this would be considered a sub-panel. After some research and looking at my pics I believe this install is OK since the panel was properly grounded and that newer breaker really just passes through to the older panel. It’s still a little weird with the two main breakers though. They had several other issues inside the panel so I called it out anyway but just wanted to broaden my knowledge with these gennie installs.

So, then, you don’t have any pics of inside the panels?

The old panel is a subpanel because the 100 amp SQ D circuit breaker is the service disconnect.

So it’s not just “a breaker passing through”? :wink:

lol! :d

Yes sorry I wasn’t clear. Not “pass through”, whatever the hell that means, but installed as main at smaller panel feeding old main panel.

Thanks for your input guys. I really appreciate these boards and the positive feedback is really helpful.

Thanks for the link…