1000 Free CMI Brochures

We are considering the idea of creating a CMI brochure that would
be State/Province specific and list the CMI’s in each state (might combine
some of the NE states).

All CMI’s should go to their listing on the main web site and verify that their
current information is correct before these are printed.


Each CMI would receive 1000 free brochures.

Sounds great, John!
I’d like the old biz name changed, from

A.C.E. Home Inspections

CDA Inspector


Great idea but where are the funds for this comming from .
Should we be helping .
One set will do Char and I together … Cookie


Watch for changes to your listing. Let me know if you need me.


The money comes from a little angel.

John with out doubt you are the greatest and I am so glad you are putting tHE CMI up there where it belongs .
Have no idea how you do but please do not stop.
You Got a many new inspectors a Home Depot card Thanks for that.
… Cookie