New: Certified Master Inspector brochures.

I like!

I can I buy some and send them to Brian Kelly? :wink:

Brian has his own printed up. He also has those cute mini stickers.:wink:

Very Nice

Can I get some when I’m in Boulder on Friday?

Yes Keith. I’ll give you a stack and a bunch of other stuff. You are still driving here, right?

Yes, I’ll be in Thurday evening.

Call me when you get in: 720 272 8578. I’ll buy your hotel room.

What can I say very nice! I will order them tomorrow good job Nick as usual. I like what you do for these inspectors paying for the rooms I think it is great. This is why I belong to this Association how can anyone complain. :slight_smile:

Will do Nick. Hope to be in before close of business. I’ll stop by the office. Thanks!

Were can i find CMI brochures?

Thank you Gus Verras