1027 calibration

Sent my 2 Sun Nuclear radon monitors to Gemill Labs and got them back in about 10 days from my mailing. $250.00 for both including return postage.

I guess 3 days to ship, calibration, 3 days back.

Very satisfied.

That’s a fair price.

Sent mine to Sun Nuclear.
3-days to ship.
14 days to calibrate
3 days to ship back

For 2 detectors?

I sent 2 in.

They just keep going up & up & up
Mine are on a schedule where they are 2 months apart and it seems that they are priced higher every time. And it is taking so long. Very fustrating

$190.00 for 1 monitor? Wow!

Gemmill is a bargain then at $120 each plus shipping. No complaints about them and much faster than Sun Nuclear.

Thats were I am sending mine from now on. It was not $190 this summer but like I said every time I sent one off the price just keeps going up. :twisted:

Last I sent to Sun Nuclear for **Repair **/ Calibration (Same Price)…
$170 for one (including Return Shipping)
This is not Inclusive of your Shipping Charge and Insurance of the Equipment to get to them which may be an additional $30.

That is in Addition to Sun Nuclear’s Charges…

Wayne Gemmill

I talked to Wayne, he’s a get it done kind of guy. Told me the deal and delivered what he promised.
Said he does about 2000 calibrations a year.

Lets see 2000 X $120= $240,000 and he never leaves the driveway except to drive to the lab.

I have been working with Wayne as my Radon Business Consultant / Educator for over 15 years.
There is no greater Nuclear Physicist working in the Radon Industry today…

Yeah, I got the impression he is the real deal.