12 AWG wire on 30 amp radiant ceiling heater circuit?

Hello Gents… and Ladies,

I inspected a condo yesterday with electric radiant ceiling heat. One circuit with one living room heater is protected with a 20 amp breaker and 12 AWG conductors. The other circuit with two bedroom heaters has a 30 amp breaker and 12 AWG conductors. I called out that the 12 AWG conductors may be undersized for this 30 amp breaker. Is there any scenario with electric heaters in which 12 AWG conductors are acceptable with a 30 amp breaker? Pics included. The 30 amp breaker is the lower breaker. Note the close-up of the blue conductor. Thanks.

No, that should be a 20 AMP breaker.

Thanks much. Needed a sanity check.

^^^^^ Yep, Joseph has it correct. ^^^^^

Thanks, guys.

Good call and photos