120 hours for Alabama state home inspector

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This is Blake Urban and I just finished all the requirements for internachi’s course and exams. Alabama requires 120 hours of approved home inspector education but when I add up all the totals of my certificates from internachi it comes out to 90 hours only. Has any one used internachi for the 120 hours and got approved by the state?

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Hi Blake, I am also in Alabama working on my courses and I am completing the 90 hours required by InterNachi then selecting a handful of courses to get me to the 120 hour state requirement. I haven’t confirmed with the state but I figured that if 120 hours are required I would just find the additional courses to get there. If you don’t mind what area will you be working?

I will be working in Huntsville and Madison. did you call the state and ask if the 90 hours of inter nachi is excerptible for the 120 hours? on the application it has inter nachi as one of the acceptable schools you can take. I’m still wondering that as well.