$1200 gold train has left the station.

Hope you caught the dip.

Hi Nick,congratulations on the marijuana thing!

That train is going to derail again at $1000 in the near future.

I think by end of Feb. it will come close to $900



And who knows where the bottom is.

See you naysayers at $1300.

You may be right Doug.
I’ll wait until later in the year when it’s around $600/oz. It’s just fools gold at todays’ prices.

physical gold or gold ETFs? or both?

Physical only for me. You have to be nuts to buy any ETF.

I’m with you there, got blown out of hand over the years. Reminds me of the housing market before 2008 got outrageous in prices.

Where does one buy physical gold to use as investment ?

I bought a silver coin at Gold and Silvers in Vegas but the price of silver was something like $26.50 and cost me closer to about $30 for a troy once with their profit and a tax.

Is there a better placer to buy metal other than a Jeweler ?


never bought gold but someone sent me this awhile back.

A local coin shop. They aren’t allowed to charge local tax on U.S. minted coins, which is why I like U.S. coins vs. bars.

So unless they are doing it for charity do they not bump up the price and charge you more than it is worth ?

Where can one buy it it closest to actual price ?

Also how does buying it on paper work ?

You will always some percentage above spot prices.

They have to make money too.

Correct. There is a premium on all precious metals. Without it, there would be no coin shops. They couldn’t stay in business buying their products for the same price as they sell them.

If you want to make 10-15% next year, a good bet is XLI or VGT
Gold is expected to go south in 2014.
Oh, and thanks for the Chicago Heights referral.

Ok you got it.
Past client and too far south at the time with the weather for me.
Just got 2 homes and a car lot so tit for tat.

Are you a tit man???

Maybe be bob is a finger man. :wink: