14th annual ABC 7 / Lukemia Benefit

Hi all.

A friend of mine was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia a short time ago. She is an avid runner and has gotten involved with the 14th annual ABC7 (Jim Gibbons) event for Leukimia research - June 19th. 2008.

At this point she is in Stage I (edit watch and wait end edit) and doesn’t require treatment. The money raised will not go directly to her, but to the Leukimia Research Foundation. This disease is normally diagnosed in people in there 70’s, my friend and her husband are not quite 40 yet.

If you can help financially in any way, the link is HERE . Click on “click here to support me” on the left below the thermometer. Her Goal is $1000.

edit again

The goal has been reached and exceeded! :slight_smile: That, though, is no reason not to contirbute if you’d like.

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Please offer your prayers also.