NACHI booth at Relay for Life fundraiser for lukemia research, South Carolina, May 11

Booth manned by NACHI member Mark S. Reusch of

Thanks for the support Nick. Yes as my youngest daughter is a lukemia survivor at age 11 is fantastic. She was diagnosed at 14 months old and went through hell for the next 3 years. But now she is healthy and happy and one of my hero’s along with my wife and my oldest daughter who had to endure all of this. So as a small way for me to give back my company is auctioning off a complete home and environmental inspection at The Relay for Life. We have been involved in this for 6 years now and it gets bigger every year. If anyone would like to find out more or contribute to the cause I am attaching a link below. Every penny goes to the lukemia society from this event. Local businesses give time products and money every year. Please take the time to open the link and navigate around.

Hope is still vital for all camcer patients and this is just a small glimmer of light for them to see.