15 free iPad / Android inspection reports from ReportHost


For Inspectors starting out that may not want to invest alot of cash right away into a software platform or may want to take the time to fully investigate their options, this is a great product. The testimonial from me on their website I gave them 8 months ago is proof of that. Although I have switched back to my AHIT Android software I bought, as they have since rolled out a full narrative version awhile ago, (original was just checklist based and too slow) I still stand by what I said. The speed of reporting is incredible as their online and tablet versions look, function, and drive exactly the same, it takes absolutely 0 time to learn to use, if you can click a mouse or push a spot on a tablet screen, you can do the report quickly. Photo upload still has to be done via regular computer and not mobile but if you download their image resizer and uploaded, its lightning fast.