New To InterNACHI

Hello There fellow inspectors I am new to this site and somewhat new to Inspecting for a fees. I was wondering if any one has found if there are places to pick up reporting forms and or software for free or otherwise close to it.

Thank you all.

Free 3 month trial…

Oh good, another “I want it for free” but I intend to charge a “premium”!

Welcome!.. I use

Just don’t become a bottom feeder… Good Luck!

Start off right; :slight_smile:

Whole bunch of guys to help you along. :wink:

Yes, first 15 reports are FREE!

Welcome, ask lots of questions, you’ll always get answers. As far as whats a good software…Nearly every company will let you try it out for a shot time free to see. Either a short time or a few trial reports etc… Go with what you find easiest to produce a nice report in your business plan.

Some platforms integrate with scheduling and everything, others are more user friendly on mobile apps, others lend themselves to easier desk top writing and editing.

Bottom line is no software will make your report good or not good. Although some may produce a more pleasing to the reader report, its about your content (photos and narratives).

Best to you!

Correct. And speaking of narratives… Kenton’s are great:

Kenton’s Narratives have really helped me in my first year of business. Buy them now

I concur Captain. I don’t use most as written Because I don’t like the word servicable but they have helped with the wording.

I don’t like that word either.

What do you guys use in place of serviceable?

For Instance: The stove appeared to be in good working order at time of inspection. When tested all stove top elements functioned normally. The oven responded properly and oven temperature read 350 at 350.

Functional or in need of repairs.

I don’t like Servicable myself. :slight_smile:

I use functional alot of the time as well. The stove functioned properly under normal operation.:eek:

I agree" Serviceable" makes it read as if it needs servicing Now. Any other resources for wording or phrasing you guys know about?

acceptable, all right, decent, fairish, fine, good, OK (or okay), passable, respectable, satisfactory, tolerable


I never figured why any of those terms are needed.
Describe the materials such as (stove)>gas> anti tip devise>gas shutoff located behind stove and using functional, serviceable or any of that other stuff is not needed.
The act of description says it was looked at and if anything was wrong it would be an issue.

Someone please explain why functional/operational is needed other than to pad every section with that canned comment in advance out of laziness ?

So, your Majesty of the Inspection Guru system,

How do you explain the there was an anti tip device installed and was the stove inspected, and everything else in the kitchen that is listed in the HIP template,? or do you just note inspected and nothing wrong. ??

I don’t think that all are lazy here, I think everyone is saying the darn thing worked, which means funtional at the time of inspection or it was failed.
Funtional just means it was looked at with no comments any further.

Serviceable, although means the same as functional, does not sound right to me or others. Just an opinion Bob.

No need to start calling people lazy. :slight_smile: