I pad

How many of you guys use an I pad to do you inspections? What are the pros an cons? What software do you use and is it easy

Come on guys help me out

I used an iPad up until a few weeks ago. I would highly advise against it. The better softwares aren’t supported by the iPad. AHIT’s software is on the iPad but if you want great reports and ease of use I would highly recommend staying away from their software. I switched to no hardware on site and using home inspector pro at home. Inspections are significantly shorter and reports take about 45 minutes.

I considered getting the IPad but can’t find any software with handwriting recognition. That’s key in my mind.

Save your money until you can afford an Panasonic Toughbook.


ReportHost for Tablets runs on iPad (and Android and Windows and Playbook and…)

It’s very easy to use and it’s free to check out. You can either register for free and try it out in an account of your own (easy transition to using it during an inspection) or if you just want to see the interface try it as a guest.

We have a lot of inspectors using the iPad and other tablets every day, including (no surprise) ReportHost co-founder Jim Gallant who still inspects (almost) full-time.

I use Horizone on IPad, I have to purchase credits and that is a huge downfall. Alot of InterNACHI guys cring at Horizon by Carson Dunlop. I have no ties to the orginization, but my reports have never looked better and it is all done on site. Pictures added and notes taken. I still use a digital camera to take pics of all the rooms for future reference. I can’t see myself switching anytime soon.

When I do the attic, I leave the IPad downstairs and pull out my IPhone. It’s easier to carry in small spaces and the two can be synced at the end of the inspection.

Scott Huston, ReportHost’s other cofounder mentioned that I use an iPad with ReportHost for tablets. Like Scott said, we welcome you to try it out with a guest account (no need to register). Speed during inspections was one of our main goals. One of our users had this to say about it:

“Love love love the tablet version. I am using an Acer Iconia Android. I had bought AHIT’s inspectit back in August but the sluggish response and speed of use has made me stop using it and go back to ReportHost. This is by far the best in-the field reporting software going right now. I’ve tried the Android versions of AllInspections, 3D, Quikreports, and obviously AHIT’s Inspectit. Just can’t top the usability and speed. Speed speed speed is the #1 issue that I am after. Your use of HTML5 and making the in field product the same as what is displayed back at the office computer is awesome. This product flat out works wonders for me speed wise. I just did a 2200 sq ft inspection in 2 hours and now all I have to do is throw in the pics and I’m done. Can’t say enough good things about the product. You’ve won me back with the technology. Thanks for making something so unique and functional.”

Again, here’s the link to the page that lets you try it with the guest account:


Note that you can try out with a any modern browser except Internet Explorer, and on most devices (tablet, laptop, etc.).