1669 Florida Licensed Home Inspectors

As of today, there are 1669 Florida Licensed Home Inspectors. Can anyone guess how many are conspectors?


by the way my application # is 2088…will that be my license # ?
I was hoping to be the last one in…chickened out and but it in the mail Friday

Please do tell.

68 current active, 76 including those with pending applications in Brevard county. Where as many as 700 closings occur on average in one month. They are all gonna make a fortune!:roll:

Doing home inspections in hopes of finding very low profit repair work is not going to affect any of you and will put those who may consider the practice out of business in no time flat.

Don’t forget to add the 1000 contractors doing inspections on the side : ) Thank God for wind mits, otherwise Home Depot would be renting IR cameras to more of their own employees.

Do not forget that there are 1000’s that have been doing inspections for their whole career and are some of the best out there.

Remember before licensing they were the only ones out there with State verifiable experience on the construction of homes and buildings. I guess that does not matter to many here though. I would venture to say that G.C.'s, B.C’s and R.C.'s have been doing inspections of one type or the other long before actual home inspectors without those credentials or ones similar were even in existence. Not sure but it seems likely to me. Before licensing in Florida there was NO REQUIREMNENTS to calling oneself a home inspector and that is a Fact.

Or…or…because of the absolute poor craftsmanship and shoddy performance by contractors the need for Home Inspectors was born.

You brag about your chosen profession, yet you are the only one people really do not trust. You do something it gets looked at by the AHJ, in most places. Then people hire US because they do not trust either of those professions.

I have done a huge amount of new construction inspections, why? Because of the poor craftsmanship of a contractor. What other product do you do that with? When you pull a brand new car off the lot, do you bring it to a mechanic before purchase? When you buy a computer, do you have it scanned before purchase?

I seriously can’t think of another service or professional that puts out a new product that people trust less, then a contractor who built a new house.

I inspect a house so the client knows how much money may have to come out of their pocket. You inspect a house to see how much money you can get into yours.

One can only hope that you are correct. (for once:p)

So True Russel…

Florida NACHI members have a duty to educate the Florida public - and their legislators - on the difference between a professional inspector and a contractor who also inspects.


That is a staight out lie and I consider it Slander I HAVE NEVER EVEN SUGGESTED TO A CLIENT I WOULD FIX ANYTHING ISSUE THEY HAVE. WHY YOU AND OTHERS ARE ALLOWED TO SLANDER ME WITHOUT ANY PROOF OR EVEN SO MUCH AS ONE COMPLAINT TO ANYONE IS BEYOND ME. I do not even want that kind of work for the millionth time but I should have the right to do it as the State considers me qualified to do so.Before now I considered you to be honest but apparently you have no need for the truth either and only wish to have others believe the lies about Contractors as well.

Finished my Home Inspector “training” yesterday and out of 55 people appeared over half were contractors.

Made some great contacts, we will never do home inspections but we support a bunch of home inspectors and have for over 10 years. I had fun in the class and gave me a break from work. Will apply for my HI license today. :slight_smile:

We are hiring people, so we should be able to help promote “our” inspectors more and maybe even help them with scheduling.

Have helped many HI’s over the years, with a bigger staff we should be able to do it again in many new ways.
We have a decent net presence and will promote the new guys as much as possible.
Lots of competition is great just makes the good companies stand out. :slight_smile:

Great line, thanks!

Yeah, lies sure make others look bad. Great job.

Lies? Did I quote you? Why being so defensive? Are there contractors out there who do this? How can it be slander when your NAME is not even mentioned, not AT ALL.

But then only guilty people feel guilty…maybe your gut is trying to tell you something.

Not that i would file a complaint because i know how useless that would be but are you claiming that was not directed at me? You are correct you did not slander me in that comment. I was mistaken and i am sorry for accusing you.

Contractors reputations are similar to that of attorney’s — No one trust either of them, but they are both needed from time to time.

Even the most ethical, moral and trustworthy contractor hasn’t a chance against a consumer complaint turned jury trial. Every juror has FELT cheated by a contractor at some point - whether real or imaginary.

You can’t change how some reflect on your profession, but you can choose how you impact it.

Just a Sayin

I still love ya…Like seeing you get your panties in a wad from time to time. Remember the lack of professionalism is what boosted the Home Inspectors in this area, especially when it came to new contruction inspections.

I hope contractors keep up the bad work! Makes me money!

Gimmie back my goat.

I hope there is so much work you all get rich. :slight_smile: