Florida Legislative Update

Has anyone heard anything regarding legislation that affects home inspector licensing? Looking for an update if there is one available.

Was there one expected?
Check the DBPR for updates.

Thanks. That was helpful.

Apparently, the coalition must have made them mad. They stop posting anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does the coalition still exist?

Does it matter? Just become a contractor and relax. They will be ruling our profession soon (kinda like they do now) so better get on that train now before it leaves without you.

You heard it here first…

**** em.

They are already ruling us.
Just look at the statutes .

Payback is a b i t c h for making me obtain another license and allowing 7000+ new folks to do the work I was doing.

You guys had no problems before licensing. Should have never let it happen. I warned you.
Now you MUST do and run your business like the STATE mandates.

You were warned in advance and did nothing to stop it.

Mike, and I mean this as respectfully as possible, you are full of it.
The only things I did differently after licensing went into effect, was to add my license to my website and raise my prices.

The contractors can do whatever their little hearts desire. I am sure I will be able to adapt.

I have no Idea what they are trying to do. I’ve never heard a Contractor mention a home inspector for any reason. I do not pay attention to what they have going on. I am just pissed at the State.

Why? Because they made you pay another $300.00, which is deductible on your taxes, for the privilege of doing home inspections.

Let’s see, you told me you charge $325.00 or around that for an inspection. The $300.00 fee is every two years, so, one inspection pays for your license for two years.

If I were you, I would quit this organization as it unfairly penalizes you for having a contractors license.

Then, I would perform home inspections and then use them for a vehicle to get more work. You could have sub-contractors work under your license, pay them 1099 wages and collect a lead fee and not have to do any real work unless you wanted to.
That is my advice to you.

How could licensing add thousands of folks doing your job. You must have been only doing wind mits. In that case you were using Gov. Regulation to keep your competion limited. Mike, you will never admit to that but it is the truth.
Licensing has actually limited the number of people doing home inspections since prior to licensing anyone with a truck and a step ladder could put out a shingle and start doing home inspections.

Before you had to prove yourself, now you just need a license and a low price. :wink:

Yes, before licensing anyone could claim to be a Home Inspector. But, you had to prove yourself as Joseph pointed out. You often point to your experience as a building inspector. Now, especially after the grand fathering fiasco, all someone has to do is produce their license. The average consumer assumes the license means the inspector is competent.

This is a fact about grandfathering of HI’s.

  1. Pay to join NACHI. (Sorry Nick).
  2. Pay $100. To FlaNACHI.
  3. Take a 30 minute exam, same as NACHI intro.
  4. Send your application to the State.

Then like magic, a licensed Home Inspector is born. Licensing is fine. Grandfathering sucks!
7000 HI’s is insane and unsustainable. How many counties in Florida? Less than 70. That’s over a 1000 per county! Since many of these guys may not have qualification to compete on, they compete by price alone.

But, like Eric, I raised my prices, changed a few things, and have been very fortunate. I refuse to compete on price alone. Price shoppers are NOT my market. We market to the consumer that wants the best quality of inspection and customer service, rather than the cheapest price.

The reason most of you "THAT"complain is because you couldn’t pass a state of Florida contractors licensing exam if you tried .
If I recall only 5% or less pass the first time.
So ! you complain.
And it seems childish just listening to it.
I’m one of those you are referring to. Grandfathered in ! And I’m absolutely proud of it. OK !
I started out at 16 years old and worked as a laborer through all facets of building construction.
Digging footers ,bending rebar…pouring crete , framing ,setting trusses… pulling wire,hanging rock …setting tile…laying sod …do I need to go on !

I even went to Alaska back in the early seventies working on the pipeline as an iron worker.
I’m a Florida Certified Residential Contractor .
And to top it off a pilot.
And lets not forget A State licensed Home Inspector .
I must be the dumb a## you’re referring to.
I’ve did my time !
I’ve worked with engineers , architects and the redneck with the hammer.
So ! are you telling me that you are better in some respect?
I would beg to differ !
Give me a BIG F@$#$ing break !

However, you don’t bother me.
It appears to me is that you are letting your parakeet a## over shoot your alligator mouth.


Yep :slight_smile:

Yes I was trying to only do wind mits and I also offered to do them for home inspectors that could not and share the rewards accordingly. It was a real good deal for all those involved. I never held anyone back only helped them make more than they could without me. Search way back and you can find it all here. Do not ask me to do it cause I got better things to do. It is all documented in these forums.

BS! Just because you have a license doesn’t mean you’ll get business. It takes years to build your business. You whiners are your own problem. We don’t have these issues in my area. You still have to prove yourself. The ones that don’t cut it are weeded out. Yeah life’s tough. Oh well. Suck it up. Don’t like doing business in this state. MOVE! I, for one, am glad that the state finally decided to try and do something to regulate our industry. As a contractor you have had to do CE’s for years and pay your fee’s. Go build houses if having a home inspection license cost you too much. Established home inspectors never whine about the stuff you guys do.

What was your experience before you started calling yourself a home inspector?

Oh wait you may not want to answer that one. Let me guess is someone you know or married to still in the biz?