Prices nose diving

Well, it looks like the full force of licensing has taken effect. Three inspectors in my area just bid $295.00 for a full home inspection with a wind mitigation and roof certification.

In south Fl you’ll find em for $200

I’ll top you with, free WDO or

$75 wind mit with a free four points, stand alone. Same guy was on the news for missing $20K in termite damage, and a Nachi member.

No Bill, that is the cry of desperation each lowering their prices and being played like a fiddler by the real estate agents.

Meanwhile, another six inspection week for me! This work is starting to cut into my fishing time…time to raise prices!

LMAO…he may suck, but he is cheap!

Cheaper is often more costly.

Today, we did a wind /4 point combo for a home owner. He had called us a week ago. But decided to go with a cheaper competitor his mortgage brooker recommended. The competitor screwed up his wind mit and 4 point so badly,they weren’t worth the paper they were writen on. He had to pay us to come out do it right.

All to save a few dollars…

Cheaper is often more costly…man that is a great saying!

we got a cheap guy around here, (South Florida) whose a registered sex offender!

At least this time I know it isn’t me you are talking about :smiley:

That is public record. Please let us know who he is. Many of us do have kids.

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He couldn’t get a home inspector license in Illinois. Why is he able to in Florida?

Because nothing could be easier to do in Florida.
20 minute test and good to go.

Home Inspector Licensing program should be trashed.
It ripped us all off and does nothing good for any of us.

By the way PAY UP “Again its renewal time” F-ing crooks.

my prices aint nosediving. who cares what others charge. Everyone else sucks compared to me as far as im conscerned, ( Except you guys, of course). The last thing discussed is price after i book em.

You have two choices when choosing an inspector.

  1. Cheap Inspector
  2. Good Inspector

Choose wisely. Same goes for most other industries.

just an example of an ad on Craigslist found today


Craigslist?:roll: :roll: :roll:

Call him to do your inspections, and make $150.00 on each one!
Make sure your E & O insurance is up to date though…


He actually lives up your way. He couldn’t make it as a roofing contractor, so now he is doing this.

No, make $350!:slight_smile:

We have been working steady for the past several years and have actually raised our prices each of the last three years and have not had a major issue. There are always going to be the clients who are shopping price, but when they realize what they are getting…quality…then the price is second to the inspection.

While we do discount wind mits and four points with a home inspection, we are at $125 for each alone depending on the distance.

I have heard over and over how licensing allows for soft cheap inspections. Could someone explain to me how not having licensing makes for better inspectors? I don’t get it. No licensing allows for the same soft cheap reports does it not?