1945 Home Built in California (Los Angeles); realy never seen this......

So entering the crawlspace I noticed wet soil and there was a musty smell present (okay, poor ventilation), crawling a little more I notice all the sub-floor / framing has been replaced, but no foundation walls (where anchor bolts typically would be attached to the stem wall) were noticed only the backside of the exterior wall (rusted wire mesh exposed), and the outer (perimeter) girder beams were supported by a post with a concrete pier. I have never seen a residential home like this. Any feedback on what you would call would be greatly appreciated.


Click the image twice and it will show up right side up…

So the foundation is post and beam, with no perimeter foundation? Is that right?
If that’s the case, then it looks like the walls were extended to act as a “skirt”. I’ve never seen it done, but it’s apparently been working all these years, and has survived numerous earthquakes.
I would describe what I see, and recommend seismic upgrades.

This is better…



I’d have to assume this in Pasadena. So many wacky foundations in that area!

Also, a 1945 house would be right before earthquake bolting became a thing.

Like Frank said, I would describe what I see, and recommend seismic upgrades from a qualified foundation specialist.

Or as I tell people when inspecting homes built prior to bolting laws “I have good news, and bad news…the good news is this house has survived all previous earthquakes…”

LOL. So you think “poor ventilation” is going to “fix” everything? :roll: Or make things worse? I wonder why they had to replace the wood framing? :-k

I’d bet the house has no gutters.

It’s a common thing in Los Angeles for houses to not have gutters because it rarely rains here. But if course, when it does rain, then it cause all sorts of problems for those homes.

This was a rehab, so all the exterior stucco was cover coated, also an addition was in the back on a slab which obviously covered up several other vent screens, I just mentioned it cause its obvious in the pictures.

And yea I recommended a seismic retro upgrade.