Exterior Door

Do you see any issues here? :wink:


LOL Jeff—:stuck_out_tongue:

I see it’s equipped with a Door Knob too—sweet----:shock:

Nice spindle spacing too—:shock:

I see you changed the original photo—disregard my Spindle spacing—:stuck_out_tongue:

You’re too quick Dale. I’ll put the next photo back up later :smiley:

Kinda narrow for an exterior door and is that a interior passage knobset?

Watch that first step. It’s a doozie!

You got that right. . .


Imagine coming home liquored up—:stuck_out_tongue:


Ethel, grab my bottle of Jack, I need a nip----:stuck_out_tongue:

Where are you Melvin?

I’m laying in the back yard----:smiley:

Must be in Newhall , bet there is a rope ladder just inside

I see there is a safety pin bolt at the bottom of the door that will prevent the door from opening from the interior and only accessible from outside.
What in the bejessus did they have in mind for a design of such?
Aesthetically, it looks like crap.
Did you find out why Jeff?

What kind of glass were those side windows?

Actually, I was in Pasadena this afternoon. The house was built in 1898 and the entire second story was an add-on.

The home still has its original rock & mortar foundation - I’m surprised it’s still standing.

At least the door opened inward :mrgreen:





Boy you get all the good ones, all mine are soooo plain and simple

I hate SFV with their 10" crawlspaces, but I’m there several times each week. I’m in Woodland Hills now, waiting for my 5:30 appointment. No crawlspace on this one. Home was built in 2000.

Well, I put my glasses on and could see that what I thought was a bolt pin at the bottom of the door looks like the door stile coming unglued.
I also saw a hole in the siding and a dangling wire. What is tht about?:mrgreen:

I think they were trying to add some exterior lighting circuits. This is a bank-owned property, so there’s not much info available. . .

Incredible Jeff…think of all the Earthquakes this withstood…amazing…!!

I’m not sure how many more it can withstand. Did you notice the mortar that has turned to powder?

Yes I did. That’s just amazing. Sent you a pm.

Nice pics