1960 electrical panel question

1960 house, panel has no ground bus, but does have wires with grounds, which are fastened to the neutral bus, some double tapped with neutral wires. Is this how they did it back in the day? Can it be left, or should it be fixed?

What brand of panel is that?
Can’t recall seeing something like that here in the states.
Is there any way this is a sub panel?

Looks like a Pushmatic from the breaker style.

Pushmatic, not a sub panel, no subs.


You indirectly answered your own question (Funny how that happens…right)

Since you stated it is not a remote distribution panel the neutral (grounded) conductors and the grounding conductors would share the common connection as shown with only three conductors being supplied from the meter enclosure. Now, in terms of neutrals (grounded) conductors sharing terminations with grounding conductors I would say that was never permitted per the UL 67 for the panelboard. However, the actual written NEC language on that did not come until 2002 or 2005 editions of the NEC, yet it was always implied by the manufacturers of the panelboards.

In so much as the pushmatic breakers, I would not have a problem with them as long as there are no signs of damage, discoloration, signs of heating effects and so on…if it was compliant at the time of installation and nothing says (or shows otherwise) then I would note it’s make and simply note it’s limited flexibility of expansion and so on but nothing I would flag as a defect at this point based on the image.

Paul, he needs to check the CEC and Canadian standards.

Indeed…but that is on him…I am an NEC guy…lol and his post was not in a Canadian Forum…:wink: