Sub Panel Wiring Mixed Grounds and Neutrals

Hi All, Fairly new to the forum but always reading the new posts to help educate me. I have a question on the attached images. This was a 4 point inspection I did for an insurance agency and I found the exterior panel double tapped at the main lugs to feed a sub panel (also exterior). The double tap was also copper and aluminum mix. I also found the interior sub panel had mixed grounds and neutrals on the same bus and red colored wire? I was assuming the red wire was another ground as it rose up to attic and I believe ran to the exterior on the opposite wall where the meter is but cant be sure.

The agency said there was nothing wrong with the sub panel arrangement? Am I wrong to call it out, I thought the only place the neutrals and ground could be on the same bar is in the service panel? I also thought any wire that was a ground should be green or copper or marked? Excuse the pictures I had difficulty getting them from my tablet software.

You’re correct that the neutral and EGC’s need to be separated at a sub-panel. Regarding the red conductor if it’s a GEC then it can be any color other than those designated in Article 200 of the NEC for the neutral conductor, (typically white or gray) so red is OK. The real question is why is the red wire there in the first place. Maybe if you can figure out how to post some more photo’s it will become more clear as to what’s going on.

Read this thread…OK?

Thanks Robert, for some reason it stated I was only allowed 1 photo upload as a new member?

I thought I was right with regards to the neutral and grounds in the sub panel but when I was told it wasn’t an issue by the agent I questioned myself. I am quite new to inspections but have good background training in building etc but electrics is where I tread carefully and try to learn as much as I can.

Roy’s thread on the Narrative was a good read too. I guess I need to re educate the agent on the sub panel issue.

Really appreciate the reply, it’s so good from a learning perspective and confidence too.

Thanks Roy,

My main concern was questioning my own judgement after the agent said it wasn’t an issue.

I feel much better now going back and saying it actually is given all the confirmation.

Thanks again.

Maybe not an issue for the agent. I’m with you.

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