1987 Home. Do You Know what this is?

The client asked me what this was and I was honest And told him I didn’t know but would get him an answer. The small diameter PVC pipe was loose but I didn’t dig out all of the dirt, just some. Thanks for your help in advance.

…and when you don’t?

When I lived in NJ my neighbor had something that looked like that pit. His was a valve for the lawn sprinkler system. He covered it in cold weather to protect the line. The specific purpose of the PVC in this case is a question since it appears the line is “open”.

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Report what you see. Small piece of pipe in the ground any other answer is a Hail Mary.


I told him I would ask around. If I don’t know and y’all don’t know, then so be it. I’m not afraid to tell a client that I’m not sure. But I won’t make up something or guess.

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Jeffrey Jonas

    May 16

but would get him an answer.

…and when you don’t?

Given size and location PVC I would assume sprinkler system that has been removed as some others have suggested.

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Thanks folks

Mr Buyer, to be frank … I have no clue. Never seen it before and your guess is as good as mine. If you’re really curious you might ask the seller what it is. Say lets move over here and look at the *&%$#@

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Thanks Dan

Here is what I would say. …
1: The concrete is a CMU, Concrete Masonry Unit soil retaining well.
2: The piping. An abandoned conduit.
3: Sorry sir/ma-am. I do not guess what the abandoned conduit is for. Lets see what we uncover on the side in the basement.
Poor brick masonry clearance. In contract with the soil.
Hope that helps.

One last thing. Grounding electrodes require burial. EGC requires a conduit in certain cases. That would be my guess.

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hahaha wow how did that happen

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