Scratching my head

Here’s a couple of pvc pipes in the front yard of a 4 year old home. The one on the left is clearly a sewer cleanout but the one on the right has me puzzled. It has a removable pvc grate on the top and 6" - 8" down inside is what appears to be an air-gap anti-siphon device but I can’t tell what it is connected to. There is no lawn sprinkler system. Any ideas?
cleanout.jpg air gap.jpg

air gap.jpg

I have no idea, but that would be a nifty way of concealing the outlet from a sub-pump to illegally discharge into the public sewer. I might have to try that at home.

Maybe a washing machine???

Is there a pool Michale?

Nope…washing machine drains to plumbing on the other side of the home. No pool, fountains, hot tub or anything like that. FWIW, this is a slab on grade foundation so no basement or anything like that either.

Maybe a bad installation on a condensate drip line? howsabout a water softener drip? maybe… ah fuggeddabouditt.

Wait Mike…you may be on to something. There was a water softener. It was on the other side of the home in the garage but this being the drain for it is not completely out of the question. Wow, the more I think about that the more likely it becomes.

I did one with a pool Yesterday (see attachment)… What is the proper term in referencing it in report…

Your prompt response is much appreciated