1on1 Webinar Training $45hr


Just had a great time helping a Master Certified Inspector (Steve Wessler) out regarding report layout, web tips/tricks, and software comparisons. As of tonight I am now offering 1 and 1 “live hands on training via audio/webinar (See my desktop type training)” for just $45 an hour. This type of training is beneficial for both new and seasoned inspectors alike. You now have the ability to learn areas you’re most weak in from an actual inspector just like you. For areas I teach please view my complete syllabus at http://www.homeinspectorbusiness.com or email me to see if I have the knowledge to help you out in relation to the question you have. No where else will you find this level of support. Sure the message board will give you an idea, a phone call will help to watching a video even better but nothing compares to having someone walk you through step by step live while you watch exactly what you should be doing by viewing the teachers desktop monitor. To book call or email today. Thank you!

314 805 2137

Get two or more friends in addition to you and the per hour fee drops to $30.

Can U help me with my how to inspect a HVAC system???:wink: Me thinks I am going to send you a statement for all the questions I have answered for you:p;-)

LOL. :shock:

lol Charlie maybe you should do the same thing regarding the HVAC… go live on camera I know I would pay to watch :wink:

Are you going to invoice me too?

Juan that was my bit of humor for the day G-d knows I need some been writing reports all day. I would never charge someone for helping them not my way.

I will leave that to Billy Bob and Johnny Boy;-)

Yes I know. I was joking as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to the next time Billy has a question here… Lol

Bob, last time I explain this. If you want to keep being a pain then please be on your way and we will do the “FREE” webinar events without you. I’ve said it before… ask me anything you want and I’ll give you the answer if I know free of charge. If you want to fast track to everything I know over 2 days instead of spending a entire year or longer or go into detail about your individual questions which a lot of them takes time to show (hands on 1on1 live see my desktop training) then I don’t see why I can’t teach and get paid for my time. In addition anyone can ask me a inspection related question anytime and I’ll be more than happy to help at no cost what so ever. There is two parts to this business “inspections” and the business side which many need help on both sides. There are all kinds of help/information on the inspection side but little talk about the business side OR so many opinions fly when it is discussed it confuses people and many are left to figure it all out on their own.

Guess you missed the LOL.
My experience in life is those with intelligence have a sense of humor.
Comes in handy with business and networking.

Not getting flustered is also very handy.

Not quite sure what you mean by "Be on my way"or why you think I care about your so called free events.

If I do a webinar or assist anyone it is always free of charge just like all the times I have helped you.
Stop being so full of yourself till it is earned.

Full of myself lol :wink: Good luck Bob.

$45 an hour? I seen Billy’s seminar and I am going to have a person in my office call him for a couple of hours to start. $90 for two hours?..LMAO, to me that is SUPER CHEAP for learning something that will continually pay off.

I hope you learn much Russ as it may help expand your business.
Might be better if you join in and get the $60 deal.

Makes perfect sense.

So how much did you charge Billy and the other inspectors that were on the “free” webinar Sunday night for the advice you gave to them?

Don’t Secret Home Inspector Society members qualify for discounts??LOL

Not a cent Chris. I got a lot of good ideas from it. Kind of nice as far as everyone sharing and no one flinging. Just sayin’.

I listened in for a few minutes. After the guitar music quit the audio kept going in and out so I gave up.

I agree it is a good idea far a small live group to share ideas back and forth.

I guess if someone can take those ideas and sell them more power to them.

I’m sorry that you did not get on. Hope to see you on there the next time. I like the idea of small groups helping each other out. It seems to work well.

As far as the pay for events if someone finds value in it and Billy is willing to do it then let the free market reign.

Man you guys have issues galore. I came into the room and Billy asked, “Russ would you mind sharing some of what you learned to the people who come in”. I told him, I didn’t mind at all.

I charged Billy nothing and Billy charged them nothing…so then it was FREE. You guys have some serious freakin issues.