How to start this business webinar

I’m thinking of starting a live webinar much in the same setting John does for Infra Red on what I know now compared to when I started this business so new inspectors have a leg up to start their business off on the right foot instead of wasting a lot of time digging for the information needed to really get this business going in a way that will maximize your time and efforts. You will learn every angle on why my contract says what it does to why my website looks the way it does to how I set up reports and why I keep them so simple and in my opinion who I believe after much testing is the best software to use and tips to make them look and do what you need them to do, to call centers, how and why I use ISN to recall check 90 Day warranty program to alarm leads… I have used both HG and HIP extensively and really tried and tested almost everything except for a few report software such as 3D. This class will be a two full day class to start off with and may lead into a 3 day once I get it going. In addition I will tell you the fastest way to get a website started, tools to use, how to use them and how I got to be where I am today #1 on every major search engine in the US to include SEO tips (which by the way is a lot easier than you think). If I did this would you new guys be interested in something like this? Keep in mind I’ve spent years now listening to the pro’s here and a friend of mine local here who has been shadowing me can attest that without the info I have flowed to him he definitely wouldn’t have the advantage that he has today without spending a lot of time trying to figure it out or hunt down the guys who’s knows the answers. Guy’s I started this business with just a few hundred bucks and I own a good company truck now, all the tools you need to include Infra Red camera, both types of software, Ipad Mini, and upgraded to a professional office “ALL PAID FOR BY MY COMPANY :)” simply from what I spent many years and much valuable time learning from the big and up and coming guys/gals here. While I still learn everyday I do have a lot to offer especially when it comes to getting your business off the ground. Let me know what you think and if I get enough demand I will put a class together. Yes I will be charging for my time but it will be the best money you’ve spent along with this NACHI membership to date. I promise you that and I also promise that if you feel you didn’t earn your money back once my class is over there will be absolutely no loss to you but time.

Please do not confuse this with a how to inspect a house or write a report seminar. Ben G puts out a good class on that already. This is simply a how to webinar for people who want to know the ropes I use now compared to what I didn’t know when I started this business. The time you will save alone after I share how and why I did everything will be worth your weight in gold.

PS… In addition to everything above I will also give details on what approach so far I have taken to marketing and plans I have for the near future.

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I will tell everyone about your class Billy. Hope this helps.
Good luck and let me know if I can do anything.

Sign me up billy.

I’m in Billy!! It was great to meet you in Indy! Looking forward to this!

I’m in also!!

Nathan thanks a million I really appreciate it. I’ll contact you shortly for details. Thanks again.

Rock on John as will I. I felt your class was worth every penny I spent.

Update – Already interested parties have contacted me regarding the class. I truly believe in teaching in small numbers “probably” no more than 15 per class. I have a offer to get the webinar software going and if I fill seats by 10 Dec I will go ahead and put all this together and shoot for the first class to be 7-8 Dec. If you would like more information or would like to fill a seat for that weekend email me directly at I would hold one this month but with the holiday’s I think it’s best if we wait until the first week of Dec. Any suggestions shoot me an email on those as well. Thanks everyone I look forward to seeing you guys online in the class.

Outstanding guys if you don’t mind send me an email requesting a seat in the class at so I can have an official request for record keeping. Once I hit 15 the next class won’t be until the first week of Jan unless I get enough demand to do 2 a month.

Billy, I want to buy ad space on your webinar to promote:

Nick you are one of the main reasons why I am where I’m at today. No need to exchange money I would promote NACHI regardless. Just tell your new sign up’s that I exist … that would be awesome.

Tracy I enjoyed meeting you as well. Can’t wait to have you in the class.

Billy can I have your autograph??

From a guy whom from the start asked a ton (more than a ton) of questions (on everything about inspections ++) to now having a webinar supported by the founder of Inachi, Nathan (everyones best buddy) & Johnnie Mack (IR specialists best buddy two). Wow!!, make sure your head does not swell to big from the success.

lol David I’m very passionate about this business and as I was sitting through John’s class I thought hmmm I’m asked questions all the time about how this and that so I thought why not I love to teach and I love to learn from others as well so this is the best way to do it in my opinion. And thank you for the knowledge you have fed me as well. I sincerely appreciate you and consider you a friend for life.

Dude, you could do a series of webinars.

Starting, services, marketing, ect…

I would be interested in your sanitary services as well as other areas.

I am a 10 year inspection vet & yes you can teach an old dog new tricks!!

Friend?? What is a friend?? I could use a friend. (my dog is not much on conversing)

LOL… funny :mrgreen:

Great idea.
Perhaps we could have a whole series of guys talking about their specialty.

Dale for instance could do commercial,Charlie could do roofs,Jeff could do electrical,I could do condos,David could do IR
Always better to hear it from actual working inspectors with zero agenda.


I would like to attend your webinar, count me in.

Great idea.

Guest speakers could come into Billy’s webinar to talk about their specialty services they are gifted with. Other people’s gift’s make it easy for the rest of us to learn.