1st large home inspection-Defect location?

I’m inspecting a 4500 sqft home and I am curious to know how others report on defects in specific rooms, bathrooms, etc?

I’m currently using Spectora.

Take a picture of the defect, add annotation…arrow, circle, etc., and, if need be, a 2nd picture for perspective.

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That’s what I was thinking as well. Thanks for the help!

Hi Paul,

I also use Spectora - I think a lot of Spectora users utilize the Location field in the Defect: image

Personally, I use a modified Room-by-Room template which IMHO makes it a lot easier for my clients to follow (and it makes me check everything in every room as I do the inspection live in the template on the mobile app so I don’t forget something). Yes, it makes for a longer report and some Agents frown on that. However, I do not cater to Agents, I cater to my clients and the feedback I have gotten from them is that the RbR format is easy for them. In areas like the Basement on large houses, I generally lump all the basement rooms together (except for bedrooms and bathrooms) under the “Basement” section and I will notate individual pictures as necessary describing where the defect is located.

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