Report writing time using Spectora?

Hello everyone, I was curious if anyone here is using Spectora and how long it is taking you to complete a report using it?

Business has picked up and I can not get through the report near as fast as I’d like to.


Hey Paul. Been using Spectora from day 1 of my business - 2 yrs ago. My experience is 2 1/2 - 3 hrs on site and the report is 95% done. Then I spend another 45 mins at the house or in a parking lot if enroute to another inspection, then I publish to client. I re-read everything I wrote on-site and usually edit many comments before I release it. My business model is to publish same day…not onsite, but later. This allows time to edit.


There is a learning curve, but once you have it up and going, report writing is a breeze.

I can usually get a condo or simple house done onsite. A complicated house is just a little touch up and re-read at home.,15-30 minutes at home tops.

I have 2 guys under me, and I can get all my reports, and double check their reports all in less time than it used to take me to do just one report with my old software.

Sounds like where I’d like to be at with my reports. How did you go about getting to that point, any tips, tricks or advice?

Hi Ian, would you have any advice on setting up a good report or have any templates to share:)? I’m totally new to the inspection world and have picked up an interNACHI template but just can’t seem to make any real speed.

Time and experience. Lots of mock inspections then over time with real inspections I just got more proficient and developed shortcuts. Lots of practice:)


Your speed with the software will be affected by the organization of the Template, the type of Template (Systems vs. Room by Room vs Hybrid), the level of detail you provide on the Inspection, the number of pictures/videos you include in the report, and how well you have pre-populated your potential list of defects. As Eric Corder stated, efficiency should improve with time and experience and refinement of your Templates/Reports along the way. One thing is for certain, having the App with you and inserting pictures/videos right into the report as you go is a game-changer.


There are dozens of templates available on Specotra’s site in the user area.

But eventually, one has to put on their big boy pants and build their own template to suit them.

Codes, common items, and the way things are built can vary widely from region to region, state to state, and sometimes even city to city. So a perfect template for one person in one state may not be so perfect for another inspector in another state.

But with Spectora, it’s not that difficult to take part of one template, and part of a 2nd template, and cut and paste and merge and re-arrange until it’s perfect for you.

My template is based on buying Kenton’s narratives several years ago, though I edited out a lot of sections that didn’t apply to me (ie it doesn’t snow where i am), and I re-worded numerous things to suit my local laws and practices, so I don’t share mine because it wouldn’t be fair to give away paid content. Nor would anyone outside of Los Angeles, CA find it all that useful.


That’s no problem, I do appreciate the help and advice. I’ll get there eventually.