2 - 200 amp panels

400 amp service to a Murray split bus panel. There is another 200 amp breaker (about half way down on pic) that feeds another 200 amp panel about 10’ away. Now, would the second panel be considered a sub?

Thanks in advance.


How did you determine the “400 amp service?”

Are all those wires just sticking out of the panel box between the brick wall and the dead front? Lots of loose wires all oer the place.

Couple comments… very seldom will you ever see a “real” 400 amp service in a dwelling.

…none of the cables pictured are properly secured.

It would be considered a “320”, if I’m not mistaken, eh? Thanks for the replies all.

Looking at the SE cable size, I do not see 400 amps.

Any panel wired from the SE is a sub panel (LSE)

Panel appears to be relatively new, should be mounted on plywood.

I’m still wondering how you’ve determined the service capacity. How (now) do you figure 320 amps?

320 Amps???

That looks like a normal modern 200 A 40 sp panel to me. I have a hard time believing it to be a split bus panel. It looks like it has a 200 A breaker toward the bottom, probably feeding another 200 A panel just like it somewhere else. What does the meter box look like?


My bet is that it’s a 200 amp service, but I can’t get any additional information from him. I’d also like to know what makes him believe that this is a split-bus panel.

If that lower breaker and cable is feeding another panel the cable type appears to be wrong. It looks like SE not SER which would be used to feed non-service panels.


I am sure you know that the 320 is the continuous rating, while the 400 would be the peak rating.


I’m just wondering if he read that on the label, or if it was just a WAG :wink:


Give us an inside look and your question will be answered.

I’ll put money on it that this is a 200 Amp service.