2-day Florida Insurance Inspectors seminar in Melbourne, FL on Jan 21-22, 2011.

2-day Florida Insurance Inspectors Chapter of InterNACHI seminar in Melbourne, FL on January 21-22, 2011.

I am on my way! I like to be early.

If I can find a flak jacket and it works with my schedule at the time I may also show up for day 1.

I have heard great things about the last meeting.

Can’t wait. Last one was great!

If your on your way… you better register quickly! I have already received several registrations :o)


Just registered, thanks Michelle, looking forward to it. BTW I look forward to the Nick and Russell show…lol

Great Im in…

Come on…its not like that. He is great guy. Does anyone know why he applied for a concealed weapons permit in Florida today?..Must be going hunting or something while he is here :slight_smile:

Nick -N- Russell Show ------ The Greatest Show on Earth

By January you two will be roommates - you’ll see.

Hey if the UFC and WEC can merge…ya never know

Russ - remember we talked about this… we promised Nick that if you got out of hand we would “bind” and “gag” you. :sarcasm:

Nick is a country guy. I think he hunts bare handed. What am I going to do being a Floridian, wear sunscreen and fight him off with my beach umbrella?

Can I be referee? 20+ yrs. experiance.

We need a partial ref - do you accept cash?

I look forward to being there, just completed my registration. If this is half as good as the last one it is well worth the time and effort to be there.

Only if from both sides in equal amounts (but don’t tell them that)

Now Larry, it looks like you are getting into the spirit of the insurance industry - pay both sides - that way you are sure to win out!!

I’m learning from an underwriter.