Another one-day InterNACHI convention

Hi everyone,

The planning of a one-day convention is in the works here at InterNACHI. It’s being planned for early to mid April, and will be held in Boulder, CO.

If you can attend, would you like to see it held on a saturday or during the week?

We’ll be setting the date very soon, so send us your thoughts!

Jessica, with all due respect, please don’t tease us. For the last few years, Nick has made many announcements for a convention, and then we never hear another thing about it. Is this one a sure thing?

InterNACHI holds tons of events! If you go to you can take a look at the list.

This will be an all-day event about marketing. It’s already in the works, we just have to pick a date.

Jeffrey, we just had a 2-day convention in Florida. 300 inspectors. 15 different presentations. 400 door prizes. Food/drinks. Dinner.

You are correct Nick, but it was geared towards Florida. No justification for me or others in other states to attend.

Now, if you recall, I have no problem with traveling for an event, with enough given notice. (Remember Milwaukee a few years ago)? My above comment is based on you announcing a major convention (national) and we mostly never hear of it again. Read the threads you’ve posted. Pages and pages, and threads upon threads, of members asking what’s going on, with no response. All we ask is follow through. If it’s not gonna happen, tell us! We understand sh*t happens.

Could we have some other classes going on around this event. The last time I went to a NACHI event. I lost a good day in travel. Just having an event for one day and it takes two days out of my schedule, just is not worth it for me.

It’s not gonna happen.

I’ve done survey after survey and no one wants a 3-4 day convention. Casey and OMalley’s event in Vegas and ASHI’s in Atlanta each had less than 300 attendees. Some of our chapter events approach that.

The industry wants a one-long-day inspector marketing event and so that’s what we’re going to give them.

Nick, thank you for the direct answer.

What else can you tell us about the Colorado event? Will it basically be the same as the upcoming Chicago event? Or, altogether different?

I am with Jeff on this. For many of us there is considerable travel involved thus maybe a Friday night pre-show gathering then a all day main event and a closing dinner party, would make good sense. This way the main even is still a 1 day, but there would be a “Party” on the front side and back of the main event ?

Another good Idea would be to make a poll for the out of towners and get a feel for the number of attendees?


Jeffrey, the Chicago event is not an InterNACHI event, it’s just a Dominic event.

Nick has asked me to be one of the speaker at the event in April in Boulder and I’ve already told him I’ll be there!

Gotcha, thanks.

Whenever I read the word ‘marketing’, two names immediately come to mind, Dominic and Nick. Must be a Pavlovian thing! :wink:

North Carolina?

It was just confirmed that there will be a dinner the night before the event for everyone to get together. And it’s looking like the day of April 19th.

To answer the original question, Saturday is my choice Jessica.

Nick and/or Dominic
How about some events that the forgotten state never sees. It would be nice to have a bone thrown to us once in awhile. We got some big name NACHI members here that would make it a good trip, James, Dan, jim. Bring some IR training with you too. Dominic, don’t forget the camera and recording tools to make a CD of your training.

BTW: This inspection event will be free.

April 19th is a Tuesday, fine with me it is only a 20 min. drive.

When I talked to Nick earlier today he mentioned doing it on a Saturday or Sunday. Is that still a possibility?

Don’t you work enough? You have to do events on weekends now?