InterNACHI Florida 2011 Conference

Florida is about to have it’s very own InterNACHI conference! Come join Nick, Ben and the ladies of InterNACHI in Melbourne October 27-30th.

We are very excited to have Dominic Maricic from Home Inspector Pro coming to present his class on Website Optimization, Social Networking & Marketing

Florida’s own Ken Compton - Your personal Marketing Guru will also be joining us.

Some of you may remember Dr. Gary Rosen from January’s event. He will be back to talk about chinese drywall.

We are constantly updating our speakers and education agenda so keep your eyes on the message board and website!

Thursday night is Registration. We will have cocktails on the patio and meet Nick, Ben, the ladies of InterNachi and your fellow inspectors from all over the State of Florida!

Registration includes breakfast for all 3 days, lunch for Friday and Saturday, AND dinner on Friday night.

You can register here:


I can’t wait. These meetings are great and the after the meeting meetings are a blast

I’ll be there. Many InterNACHI staffers coming too.

Awesome. I love seeing my buddy Nick…

Our Group Page to make your hotel reservations can be found here:

Registrations are quickly coming in. DON’T MISS OUT!

Will we need duct tape? :stuck_out_tongue:


So Much has been going on behind the scenes to make sure that all of our Florida Home Inspectors have a great time at the October InterNACHI conference! We have added some great sponsors including Radalink, ProLab, and Schuyler Hellings of CH Insurance.

Register early to save money! Go to:

or visit: to learn more about our chapter and events

or visit: to join us on Facebook!

Find your hotel room here:


Don’t miss the Florida Inspection Event of the Year! SEE YOU THERE!

Michelle who is putting this on? Who has spent the time to organize this? Who’s idea was it?

You really know how to push buttons:shock:

Michelle for the Florida Home and Insurance Inspector’s Chapter

We decided to do it back at our October meeting. October was such a great success that we decided to do it even bigger and better this year. And, Nick asked me too :slight_smile:

We are a very luck chapter in the respect that we are full of members that have various talents that we can pull from… for example,

Larry Losciale is the king of chapter organizations/bylaws and of course pools.
Greg Bell is the king of legislative information & education
Russ - well what can I say about him. Chief Pot Stirrer… actually in all seriousness Russ has put forth a tremendous amount of his personal time to educate us all. He has opened his doors to anyone who wants to see his operation… and I strongly urge all those who want to be extremely successful to do so… he educates us about Mold, and has Set the Bar for the Professional Home Inspector.

and John educates us all about Insurance Inspections.

While it is true I do the planning and organizing of our meetings it is because of our outstanding members that we all succeed.

Disagree, it is due to the outstanding and tireless effort of the leadership of this chapter that has lead to this success. You and John have worked tirelessly on this and continue to do so. I was just making sure that those who have thought it up, worked on it, continue to do so get the correct accolades for doing so. I can already see the writing on the wall where others are going to try and “take over” this successful meeting and will try and and take credit where credit is not due.

I hope the chapter that has worked hard and without personal gain get what is due to them and that is the recognition for doing so. In “leadership” I am directing the comments towards the Shishillas specifically. I do not think people realize the efforts, organization and time it takes for this to get pulled off. I am also hoping that those who will view this as a success do not feel it is theirs for the taking or better said hijacking.

The reason there are individual chapters is to promote different ideas and help others in their region and the best way they see fit. People joined this chapter because other chapters did not meet their needs.

I just hope that all the efforts the Shishillas made and continue to make are recognized, respected and will be given the opportunity to serve in the best way, because it is obviously evident what they do works.

Nice work guys!

What Russell said, ya that’s the ticket:D

Agree 100%