2-day Home & Insurance Inspection Chapter meeting in Gainesville, FL on July 16-17.

2-day Home & Insurance Inspection Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Gainesville, Florida on July 16-17, 2011.

Sweet, finally up by my area!!

That is the idea!!! :slight_smile:

Emailed by Larry Losciale

“There are some new requirements for comercial pools by the ADA regaurding access. would you like me to say a few words on this at the meeting?”

Of course we would like you to keep us informed Larry you are our resident expert!!!
You are the Bomb!

Great! \:D/what about spouses?? FREE>>>>???:roll:

John, in the past spouses have paid so they can enjoy the same lunch as everyone else. (We use the minimal registration fee to pay for the room and lunch normally)

Send me a message if you have questions. It will be great to meet everyone from your “neck of the woods”

It’s all about helping each other.

I will be supplying wings and beer for those coming in on Friday night :D:D

I’ve been getting out mailings inviting everyone. More going out tomorrow.

Thanks Nick

Snail mail seems to get to FL in 2 days.

I’m getting ready to book my room for the night. Is the hotel offering any discounts?

They are supposed to tell me Monday. If you book it and then they do I will get you reimbursed-

I have negotiated a discount of 20.00 off of the room rate at the University Holiday Inn. It is still steep (159.00). that weekend is a fraternity weekend… and the hotel raises their price to discourage frat boys from staying in the hotel.

This hotel: The Hampton Inn 101 SE 1st Avenue, Gainsville -(352) 240-9300 has rooms for 129.00 per night. That is their standard rate.

They can only give a reduced group rate If I promise them so many rooms will be booked and then guarantee with my credit card. So, I can’t do that.

did you make your reservation yet? I will call and get it adjusted if you did. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m all set. Thanks for all your hard work.

hey Michelle

Is the University Holiday Inn you are talking about the Holiday Inn Gainesville at University Center?


Yes Maam :slight_smile:

Russell Hensel will also be on hand to give us his insight regarding mold inspections. He will talk about how he collects samples, the types of equipment that are available, interpreting lab results and much more.

Will there be a similar 2-day Home & Insurance course in south Florida?