Orlando Convention

John Shishilla speaking about insurance inspections.

Great information. Recommend attending tomorrows class if you missed it.

I enjoyed the Conference, Dominic’s class was great. We attended his class last fall in Vegas, very helpful in keeping our sites on the first page of searches. I expect this class to also help keep us in front of the consumers.
Thank you to all who did the hard work in organizing the event. Thank you to FLIR for the “Home Inspector Kit” I won (think they said FLIR donated it). Spent over $30,000 with FLIR, so I hope it was them
A couple of the young guys in the office have talked about doing home inspections on the weekends if they get time; they may be able to use it. Since we work 7am to 6pm, 5 days a week, will be hard to say.
Good job Florida InterNACHI
Thanks again

Doug Wall, CIE

What a great event. Michelle you and your helpers really know how to put together an event. Thank you!

If you missed it there is still time to come by on Sunday. It was great meeting new inspectors and seeing some old friends.

Events like this one will really help me take my business to the next level.

Thank you John & Michelle for a great conference, it was both educational and fun all the classes where great and the vendors where very generous with there prizes. It was also nice to meet Preston I can finally put a face to a post.

Thank you John & Michelle, you guys went above & beyond making this event a eye opening experience & a potentially more profitable for those who attended!!
Excellent convention, sorry for those who missed it! =)

Thanks Michelle for all you do for us here at the chapter and thank you to NACHI for the complete set of NACHI books that I won.

Yes, thanks for all the hard work you and John put into this every time. My only complaint is all I won was a hat and a t shirt, well ok i got to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones too. I cant wait until next year:D

Actually you won the new boat to, but you did not claim it, so it was give to someone else. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see me pulling a boat behind the mini:D

So I guess it was a good thing you did not win the 30 foot patoon boat.